"It is critical you pay attention at this time..."

I need to increase my readership haha
- JFav

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Other

Other people get what I want. Not in a general sense. This is very specific.

It's more people than things really. Other people end up with the people I want.

No, it's not wrong to use the word "want" when talking about other people. You really are allowed to 'want' other people. I do. I do very often. And I never get them. Someone else will get them. Ironically, most of these "someone else's" are people I know. My friends. Yes, I am going to admit right her.

My friends end up with the people I like. That's the truth of it all. And it's goddamn depressing.

I Really Should

I really shouldn't be best friends with you anymore when we clearly aren't.

I really shouldn't like you anymore since it's a complete waste of time.

And I really should stop talking to you and texting you and thinking about you and BEING IN LOVE WITH YOU since well, it's stupid.

Damn it.

I really should stop fucking up my life.

Friday, December 18, 2009

My Fault

Everything's my fault it seems.

All the broken relationships I have are my fault. Good job.

I am an idiot.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Freaky Friday

What. A. Day.

I repeat. WHAT. A. DAY.

That is all.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh Sh*t

I think I still love you.


Monday, December 7, 2009

Real Pabaon

Today supposedly, the seniors of the AdMU would be having some senior-type stuff instead of regular classes. "Pabaon" they called it. Not. Hahaha.

-Woke up. Tried calling Poca. No answer. Twice I called and he didn't answer. I found out later that he could've answered, he just didn't. Thanks Pat.

-As I was driving to school, Ian texted me about "Pabaon." According to him, I'd need a book to stay awake. Uh-oh.

-Got to school. Looks like Ian was right and "Pabaon" was hella boring and therefore it became, in my eyes, optional.

-Camille and Wissa arrive. Wissa automatically makes me happy by motioning the universal Left 4 Dead sign. I am so ready for some L4D.

-We debate on whether or not we are to go inside. This takes a while.

-Andrea shows up. We eventually decide to go inside but stay by the doors.

-We leave like 3 minutes later. Andrea follows suit as she can't understand Filipino :))

-The decision is made. CHILI WILLY'S!

-I see Poca in the parking lot hurrying towards Leong Hall. We stop him at the crosswalk and kidnap him, forcing him to come with us. He obliges rather quickly.

-My car's our transport. Heading to Katipunan and CHILI WILLY'S!

-Camille and I concoct a plan. Wissa renders it useless :))

-Wissa loves Tik Tok too. Good job Dub :))

-CHILI WILLY'S is open! But there is no parking available. So damn it.

-Wissa has a better idea: NEW BANAPPLE!

-NEW BANAPPLE's parking challenges me. The guard wants to see if I can put it over the sidewalk. Easy as banapple pie.

-However, the (non-)hassle could've been avoided altogether had Geeann not beat us there and taken the less obstacle-y parking slot.

-We go inside. This is my first time in a BANAPPLE, much less NEW BANAPPLE. I have to ask Camille how to order. :))

-Patrick is stumped. What do I order? Something with rice? What??

-Andrea has a discount card, announces this fact to me and doesn't offer to let me avail of it too. THANKS Moo. (Kidding! :p)

-Geeann got thinner or (taller.) Geeann: "Ganon talaga 'pag tumatanda ang babae." Patrick got creepier. Patrick: "Parang pumayat ka nga. Chine-check out kita."

-The strawberry cheesecake thing looked good. I will get some next time.

-Orders are made and we sit around our cramped little table. We were not in an episode of How I Met Your Mother and we weren't in McLaren's.

-Small talk. The table provides our topic. Was it a banapple in the sea, really? Wissa: "M&M's? M&M's."

-We move to another table. Less cramped. But the design is reminiscent of marbles so Patrick is happy. Patrick: "Jolen?"

-In a stroke of genius (or insanity) Wissa wants to go back and sign on the sign-out sheet. Andrea shockingly agrees. She, Dub and I head back to Ateneo.

-Wissa drives. I'm alive and typing this. That's all you have to know about her driving. And that she has road rage when there's no music.

-"Wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy," God I love that song.

-Shortcut! Wissa is an experienced driver.

-Andrea makes kuwento.

-A ride with Andrea, Wissa and me is not awkward. Not awkward at all.

-Hehe @ the line directly above.

-Suffice to say, we accomplish what we set out to do. I will not delve into the details for it involved morally questionable acts.

-(Will someone from OSCI read this?)

-Back to NEW BANAPPLE. Wissa doesn't kill us naman. The parking nearly killed me though.

-The three of us finally get to eat. My longganisa was okay. Geeann's order was great too.

-Andrea was the only girl who finished all of her food. Go Andrea!

-Wissa needs to use the bathroom. I accompany her in the waiting area. The person who walks out of the ladies room makes Wissa and I do a double-take. Strange.

-Camille finishes my water. Boo.

-Apparently, for some people, L4D > The Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist

-Geeann, Wissa and Andrea in one car. Camille, Poca and I in the other.

-Camille, why were you in front? Kala ko ba kapag may guy, yung guy sa harap? :))

-Though our attempt to catch the mass was met with failure since we got there when it ended. Nice.

-Separate ways. Bye guys.

We all thought Pabaon was going to be this really important lecture on graduating. Turned out it wasn't. Turned out Pabaon was really about taking the things College gives you out into the real world and cherishing it for the rest of your days. You know, things like friendship. After 4 years, but what really felt like no time at all, I was at a restaurant with the friends I began college with having fun and just enjoying the each other's company. What are the odds? :)


So after a 14-4 start to the season, I have come back down to earth. My record for the past 4 weeks is 18-18. Not bad, not good, just really mediocre.

I'm lucky I think. My record could've been worse. Timely injuries of course, were the main factor in all of this. My team has been hurt for the past month. Hurt players do not have stats and therefore do not contribute. Erick Dampier has been hurt. Andrei Kirilenko. Troy Murphy was hurt at the start of the year, came back and has not been producing as much as I think he can. I signed Mike Dunleavy Jr. and Kevin Martin when they were still injured but Mike's come back and is giving me some decent numbers. Injuries are part of the game. I understand. I will not complain. I will hope though. Because in a good week? My team will kill your team.

What is a good week first and foremost? Well it's a week where none of my guys are hurt. Production matters. And if all my guys are producing, my team will kill your team. I know, you can say that about all fantasy teams. But does your team have 5 guys who can potentially go for triple-doubles? Andre Iguodala, Russell Westbrook, Deron Williams, Monta Ellis and Tyreke Evans are all capable of that. They're a group of ultra-athletic, quick and strong types who can fill-up many different categories. Guys can get me steals and 3's too. Jeff Green and Murphy are versatile bigs who can play inside or out, grab boards and shoot a high percentage on free throws. Dampier can get me 16 rebounds and 3 blocks easy. Aaron Brooks is small but deadly from the outside. Once he gets going, Mike Dun will be a steady diet of 16-5-5 with 2 threes and good percentages. My one guy who has been in a funk all season long? Wilson Chandler. Once he snaps out of it, get ready for some outrageous totals across the board. I'm still waiting for Kevin Martin for crying out loud! Oh and I just picked up Udonis Haslem (had to drop AK) so he's going to give me a boost in boards big time. Really, my team will kill your team.

I think this'll be a good week. After two straight weeks of 4-5 losses, this is the week that will put me back on the top of the standings. No Kevin Martin yet but that won't be a problem. I got this. I may be against Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose, Tim Duncan and Josh Smith this week but hot damn I feel confident. Here goes nothing.

Friday, December 4, 2009

You have got to know right? You know. You have to. Otherwise, you wouldn't be doing this to me. Because you're really doing this. You can't really have crushes on almost everyone I know. You're in love with everyone around me. Do you realize what it is you're doing to me?

You have to know. Oh dear god.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Oh god. I just lost the fight. I just lost. It's over.

This was the end. This was it. Tonight, I lost the battle for your heart.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Your Guy

I'm your guy. :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hey You

Okay. So they say it's obvious to everyone. Par for the course, it's unsettling, but I'll deal.

I like you okay? I do. For a while now. A few weeks. I didn't mean to. Again, you can't help who you fall in love with. But it's there. I'm sure. You're gorgeous. I've said this to you so many times. You are never ever inadequate. You are fine just the way you are.

Don't believe me? Look in the mirror. See that smile? Those dimples? They make me melt. Your hair is alluring, your eyes are bright and your skin, mocha. Can't you tell how stunningly beautiful you are?

You're charming you know? Peppy. Delightful. Easy-going. Smarter than you let on. Proud. Lovely. Sweet. Kind and caring. I don't need to go on.

Point is, if you figure it out, just know that I think the world of you. And if you could find a way to see that it just might be fun to take a chance with me, let me know. I'll be waiting.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I do not mean to do it. I do not intend things to go down like that. I do not. I am not evil. I am not a jerk.

Hero of the story remember? Not the bad guy? Didn't anyone hear me?

Guess it's true that the best villains don't even think that they are villains. Well, maybe only at the end of the story when they don't get the girl and end up with their faces wiping the floor.

When you aren't who you think you are, when it seems as if the whole world is telling you something and you can't hear it, that's when you know that there's something wrong with you. The sad part's when you've already done this dance and sang this song. That's when it hits you that you're always going to be like this and there's nothing you can do about it.

Someone kill me now.
Well guess who sucks?

I do not like me anymore.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Quite possibly the greatest day of my entire life (up to this point haha).

It was full - Like literally, I had maybe an hour of downtime.
It was different - One really different thing really :)
It was awesome - The power rings? ZOMG.
It was spectacular - ALL THE CASH I GOT? :))
It was amazing - Spending the day with the people I love the most? Oh yeah.

It was everything I've ever wanted in a birthday.

Everyone who kept me busy replying to them through text or on Facebook (and Twitter!), I appreciate all the love. Thank you so much for the greets and well wishes.

Everyone I spent the day with, to Tito Net's staff in the New Zealand Embassy, to the people whom I spent lunch with, the people I had dinner with to the lady at Manor manning the cashier, you made my day incredible, uncanny, spectacular, sensational, astonishing and amazing. THANK YOU.

Mama and Papa and Mikey and Mommy (Daddy, Nana and Wowo too!) and all my Titos and Titas and cousins and cousin-in-laws and nieces, I thank you for all your love and support. You've known me all my life and have put up with me and cared for me like no one else can, because you're fam. I owe you all my life.

Ian, Nico, Ally, Sevi, Carmel, Corinna, Racela, Doms, Bea, Sarah, Iya, Lex, Enzo, Raf, Arjay, Chlods, Tono, Convo, Gela, Losman, Balma, Camille, Mel, Patrick, Eira...LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!

I love Carpool, I love comtech, I love Block T and my M.E. friends, I LOVE MY A-BOYS! I love my family, I love God, I love the world. Haha. How lucky can a guy be right? :)

Turning 21 was so so epic. Top to bottom, November 13, 2009 has to be my favorite day ever. November 13, 2010 has its work cut out for it.

My life has been tragic and terrible and painful and depressing, but it's also been hopeful, joyous, blessed, funny, manic and wonderful. To paraphrase a line from my favorite song ever, I want it exactly that way.

My name is Jeri Favis. I'm 21 years old. I have great people in my life and they make me want to see tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Crazy For You

It's a glorious thing to be in love. It fills you with this impossible power, like Mario on Star-power, you are invincible. There is nothing you can't do. Full of excitement, full of courage, full of conviction, there's no such thing as defeat. Mountains can be conquered, dragons slayed and crises averted. You are at the peak of human emotion, you feel nothing but the unquenchable thirst to do, to live, to love. The world bends to your will.

Now imagine losing all of that. Imagine the unthinkable, imagine losing all of that power, all of that love. Let yourself fall, fall, fall so fast from the heavens that the impact of your landing is not unlike that of a nuclear bomb. And from the fallout, you rise. Or, you try to, because you can't possibly stand up straight anymore. You are crippled, weakened and broken. All out of love, all out of power. Shadows suddenly start engulfing your paradise. The stars do not shine for you, the birds do not sing and all hope is lost.

These are the only two ways one can fall when one falls in love. On the most perilous tightrope act anyone's ever faced, failure means death and success brings life. It's terrifying. It's a risk that no one in their right mind would ever take.

...And yet I take the leap on a regular basis, haha.

Guess I'm just crazy for you.

"What I'm dying to say, is that I'm crazy for you."

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Felix Felicis

That is how I feel right now. As if I had just drank some Felix Felicis. Liquid Luck. I had a good afternoon. I feel blessed.

Just like old times. :">

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Not again. Haha. Oh well.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Good Sports Day

The Yankees have just won championship no. 27. WOW. Congratulations boys.

It's always amazing to follow a team during a championship season. You're in for a ride you know? You watch games, check box scores, read every story, and then you see them win it all.

Especially when they beat a really great team too! The Phillies are awesome in their own right and I was legitimately afraid of them everytime they went up to bat. Whether it was Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins, Raul Ibanez or whomever was up next, each hitter was a threat to go deep. Cliff Lee led a superb rotation of starting pitchers. People shouldn't overlook the fact that the Yankees beat a really, really, REALLY good team.

Championships are won by the team you know can bring it every night and can bring it as a team. Sacrifice, heart and unity get it done. This team had all of that. Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte and Jorge Posada, just like old times right? Legacy players who won it all one more time. First-timers Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett all got the job done. And of course, Alex Rodriguez finally got his first championship ring. Oh and last but certainly not least, Hideki Matsui as the DH winning World Series MVP. Congrats Godzilla.

AND! The Pacers got their first win today beating (ironically) the New York Knicks. Guess you can't have everything. Haha. Thank God for TJ Ford today. Dahntay Jones, Brandon Rush and Roy Hibbert too! Danny, you better not skip out on the media this time (I suspect reporters will be in a rush to leave though, wanting to get to Yankee Stadium).

Great day.

(Plus, I've got Friday Night Lights to watch later too! Haha!)

Monday, November 2, 2009

I Miss You

Not as flawless as "I love you," but they mean just about the same.

Not as bold as "I need you," but it conveys the same emotions.

Not as passionate as "I want you," but just as powerful.

I miss you.

There's proximity, there's distance.
There's love, there's hate.
There's familiarity, there's insecurity.
There's promise, there's disappointment.
There's joy, there's sorrow.

I miss you.

What you're really saying is, "You aren't here. Why not? Why can't you be here, where I am? Why can't you be here with me, now? Why can't we be together? Come back to me please. Because I need you here where I am. I need you to complete me."

I miss you.

Some part of me ("I") is missing ("miss") and it's you ("you").

I miss you.

What you're really saying? "Do you miss me too?"

I miss you.

Friday, October 30, 2009


My new favorite comedy, bar none.

So effin' hilarious!

Take today's episode, "Introductions to Statistics," Danny Pudi dressed up as Batman for Halloween and even had the Christian Bale voice down-pat. You have to see it to believe it. That was some funny stuff!

Joel McHale is always hilarious, the girls (Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie) are cute and funny too, Chevy Chase is kinda awesome and Donald Glover is all sorts of WIN. If the cast is any indication, the show is a hit, I promise. Oh and Ken Jeong is just spectacular. John Oliver is on it too!

Oh and they have the best EBB's (ending billboard) in the business, always worth it.

Go watch Community!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


"Don't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody."

Holden said that? Really? I HAVE to re-read Catcher again. Haha.

Can't Lose

Clear eyes, full hearts. :)

Okay, Friday Night Lights is just awesome.

I Hate Desire

Low point. That's where I'm at. At the bottom of a very deep, deep pit. I feel...nothing? No. Tired. I feel drained. Just emotionally spent. You get high, you're happy and ecstatic...then something comes along and makes you want to tear your eyes out for looking at it. It's fucking terrible is what it is. Emotions man, they're so chaotic and fickle and unpredictable and beautiful and terrifying. Sometimes a guy can't take it anymore right?

Am I really at a low point though? Maybe I'm back at my "origin" of sorts. You know, like on a graph or number line. No, that can't be, because I feel like shit. You know how after you do something really strenuous, you just feel wasted and um, tired (duh, dipshit)? Yeah, see that's the thing, that really strenuous activity could've been fun and all, but you'll still feel the after effects of exerting so much effort and energy and emotion. That's how I feel now. Like, I've gone through the whole emotional spectrum and it's left me...like a Black Lantern. (Heh. Couldn't resist.) Seriously, I hate my life, I love my life.

There are a myriad of reasons why anyone would hate their life and I don't want to get into it too much here because it'll be woefully depressing so yeah, shutting up about that.

The good parts? They're a lot of those too. Heading towards my 21st birthday, I have a lot to be thankful for. I'm blessed, I know that...but I still want more. Call it greed, selfishness, whatever. I want more. It's only natural right? It's what makes us human? Human fucking desire?

You know what, that's a lot of cock and bull. Desire negatively affects the highs and makes the lows lower. Desire is this fucked up thing that tells us what we want but ultimately will never get. Desire is fucking evil. Not one good thing comes from desire or drive or whatever it is people tell themselves is just disappoinment in disguise. Nothing good ever comes from desire. It sounds fucking evil anyway! It makes you want more so you aren't content with what you have and it makes you sad when you didn't get what you wanted. What the fuck right?

The solution therefore is to be content with your life yeah? To appreciate everything, to look at all your blessings, yadda yadda yadda? Good luck with that. Oh shit.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All Is Right In The World

There's something really...beautiful, when there are actual NBA box scores to check. It's like finding something that was once lost. You're whole again.

I am whole again. I am complete. Everything's back to normal. Thus, I've made a list of 15 things that I as an NBA fan will do this season.

1.) Hype up every Pacer win.
2.) Continue to drive the Danny Granger bandwagon.
3.) Steadfastly continue to believe that the Pacers are winning the 'chip this year. (They are.)
4.) Bear witness to the King and spread his word to everyone.
5.) Root for the Oklahoma City Thunder kids namely, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Jeff Green.
6.) Laugh at every Laker loss. (Die Sasha, die.)
7.) Laud the exploits of my favorite point guard in the league, Deron Williams and vote for him as a starter for the West.
8.) Scour the waiver wire for people to add/drop throughout the Fantasy season.
9.) Pray that Williams, Westbrook, Green, Monta Ellis, Wilson Chandler, Spencer Hawes, Troy Murphy, Andre Iguodala, Yi Jian Lian, Courtney Lee, Andrei Kirilenko, Aaron Brooks and Channing Frye don't get hurt too much and produce as much as they can.
10.) Predict that the Cavs will beat the Spurs for the title this year.
11.) Totally and fully support the Khlomar show. (I'm praying for a Kim Kardashian-Luke Walton hook-up)
12.) Keep an eye on Tyreke Evans, Trevor Ariza, Greg Oden, Lou Williams, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Eric Gordon, Ryan Gomes, JJ Redick and Randy Foye.
13.) Totally support the Jerry Sloan for Coach of the Year initiative.
14.) Watch Allen Iverson implode in Memphis.
15.) Rejoice in the return of Gilbert Arenas, basketball stud.

Getting a full does of NBA basketball today was quite possibly the best part of not having school. You're around for everything as it happens. They aren't highlights yet; they're moments. And that's what makes it fun watching the NBA. To quote a line from the movie Hitch: "Life isn't the number of breaths you take. It's the moments that take your breath away." God I love this game.

Monday, October 26, 2009



Man, I love it when I get stops, get steals, get blocks, make good passes and make good decisions.

Shooting and scoring have never been my main priority. However, when I do find myself in a groove and hitting my shots? It's awesome.

I understand now. I understand why people get excited about how many points you've scored and taking as many shots as you can. It won't change my basketball philosophy (defense first) but I understand.

I love this game.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I am trapped. Like, just trapped. Damn it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Glee Season 1 Episode 8 Mash-Up

My Tweets for this episode:

-Why doesn't the guy who looks like James Jones stick up for Glee too? BASTARD JAMES JONES LOOK ALIKE. MIKE CHANG > JAMES JONES LOOK ALIKE.

-Mathew Morrison just proved that he is undoubtedly god-like.

-"Rachel was a hot jew and the good lord wanted me to get into her pants." :))

-Oh my lord Rachel is hot.

-(I'm taking the lord's name in vain. I'm going to hell, I know this. STOP MAKING JOKES ABOUT IT THEN...Haha.)

-"Are you questioning my bad ass-ness? Have you seen my guns?" WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love Puck :))

-Wow. It took like 19 minutes before our first Sue Sylvester scene. Hmm.




-Finn you bastard. YOU BASTARD. (Go Kurt!)

-Aawww Finn you geeky bastard. Zombie and Terminator references haha

-"If it is one minute late, I will go the animal shelter and get you a kitty cat. I will let you fall in love with that kitty cat and then on some dark, cold night, I will steal away into your home and punch you in the face." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

-What a cute episode :)

Wait sorry. That last Tweet should be:


Seriously, this episode jumps up to my top 15 favorite episodes of any TV show ever, easy. No joke. It was hilarious (Puck's lines, Sue's line, all the slushy stuff), heart-warming (Sue and Shu, friends?? The ending!) and just plain awesome (Mr. Shu's performances of Thong Song and Bust-A-Move). I LOVED IT.

This along with me nailing most of my 3-balls earlier today plus that thing someone said to me about my writing (if you are reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH AND I LOVE YOU) makes today, October 22, 2009 my favorite day of the year. Yowza.

Monday, October 19, 2009

My 7 Ideas For Glee

Glee is awesome.
The Glee Bandwagon? I'm driving it.
Glee stars Mathew Morrison, Lea Michele, Dianna Aragon, Cory Monteith, Kevin McHale, Amber Riley, Chris Colfer, Jane Lynch, among others. If I know more than half the cast, that means I like the show. (See: My Love for Battlestar Galactica, Friday Night Lights, Lost, etc.)
Every week, I have a new favorite song.
Glee is ridiculously good.
Should Glee do these 7 things, I will be a happy man:

1. Show up on American Idol.

C'mon. This is a no-brainer. They sing on Glee, they sing on Idol. They'er on the same network too. They could do guest performances every week. Or well, they wouldn't be guests anymore but point is, Fox has two shows where people sing. Do the math.


2. Be this year's Top 12 on American Idol.

THIS. There are enough singers on the show to form a Top 12. This way, every performance on Idol will rock.

3. Cover High School Musical songs.

Can you even begin to imagine how awesome and hilarious that would be?? DISNEY. FOX. Make it happen! I'd die on the spot if Finn and Rachel did Breaking Free or if Puck did Bet On It.

4. Cover Backstreet Boys songs.


5. Get Jay-Z or Beyonce or Taylor Swift or Lil Wayne or Maroon 5 to show up.

Eve's gonna a do guest spot right? Can we get other really super famous people to show up to? I mean, sure, it'd be tough but the ratings would be incredible! And have them sing! Don't waste'em on cameos! The show is about singing and stuff. You have a famous musician on the show, have them perform! (Josh Groban was on the show and he didn't sing. WTF. Dude was funny though.)

6. Can we get a Rachel-Mr. Shu duet?

Seriously. The two best singers on the show. C'mon!

7. Go on tour. Better yet, go on tour all over the world. Specifically, the Philippines!

Be different! Go on tour! Rule the damn world. Make me a happy man and come here. I will be first in line, promise. If you came here, you'd totally own the country. It'd make sooooo many people happy. Please? I'm not a stalker or anything but I'd so like to meet all of you. Go go go!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Block T

I love my blockmates.

Today was an amazingly fun day of singing and eating and Resident Evil-ing. It was so much fun.
I have to give it up to all of my blockmates for making this day really special.

(Except for the fact that Chamie had a flat tire and Choi got home late. Guys, hope everything worked out for the best.)

But honestly, there were so many highlights for me personally:

-Rode with Camille, just the two of us, for the first time in a long time. Never thought it'd happen again.

-FINALLY PLAYED RESIDENT EVIL 5. I miss Leon though. AND THE CONTROL SCHEME OF RESIDENT EVIL 4. What was the point of switching up the square and x buttons, Capcom? What difference did that make?

-Played Rock Band 2 for the first time too. My first Rock Band experience ever. I hate the guitar. The drums are okay if someone's helping me hahaha. And I love singing. Except for the part where I have to change my pitch. :))

-Rocked out to Mr. Brightside. Sang Don't Stop Believing. Failed at Hands Down. Hahahaha!

-Great lunch. Guys, I really think we shoulda let Kar Lyle pay for everything. Thanks for funding NBA-DMZ night though! (I kid, I kid!)

-And I watched a little of Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries. Supernatural is really part of the same network as those two? Really?

-GLEEEEEE! I am torn between Quinn and Rachel. I love Quinn-Finn AND Singing Finn-Singing Rachel.

-Getting home was more of an adventure than it shoulda been though. Hi Mel! :))

We're about to go our separate ways and be done with College. I'm glad I got to be part of this group.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Just be better. It's...part of life. So be better about it. Okay? Just be stronger.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Don't Screw This Up


Act frakkin' cool for once alright? Be cool J-Fav, play this smart.

This is how we do, right? Okay. Go time.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Get It Together

Getting you shit together isn't as easy as they make it out to be. I've been told you're supposed to be okay with who you are before you start to care about anything else. Also? I've also told other people that when it comes down to it, all you've got is you.

So why don't I give a fuck about me?

And I know, I'm telling myself, "Don't you always choose what benefits you the most?" You think I do, don't you? No. No I most certainly don't. Because I am not better. I don't live up to my potential. I wallow in mediocrity. I know this and I don't fucking care.

It comes down to me being...worthless without a partner. Why? Because that's how the fuck I'm wired. It's just who I am. I contradict my own preachings. Fuck that.


Because two is better than one. HAHA!

The Ateneo Blue Eagles secured their second consecutive championship earlier today against the UE Red Warriors.

In an almost perfect display of domination on both ends of the court, Ateneo took the deciding game 3, 71-58. The Eagles were focused on offense (running the break, nailing jumpers, RABEH's brilliance) and steadfast on D (forcing UE to take jumpers all night long, forcing turnovers to get their own running game going, Ryan Buenfe's SPECTACULAR defense on Paul Lee). Right from the beginning, you knew this was Ateneo's best. Their hardwork and preparation paid off and got them championship no. 5.

Hot damn it feels good to get this one.

One Big Fight! GO ATENEO!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Friendship over I think.

Today, something was confirmed.

You stabbed me in the back. Damn you. I dunno how to feel about you anymore. Honestly, I don't hate you. I think I might even understand why you did it. You can't help it right? Yeah, I get that. But damn it, I am not happy for you. So I don't know what this means for you and me.

I do think this means that I have just been shit on again by life. Yes, I know there was a storm that fucked up the lives of so many people but it's all about perspective and right now, from where I'm standing, I just got it bad.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Guess Who's Back

Well. That was a lengthy break.

Many things happened. One immensely terrible thing happened and put a strain on everything. I pray it doesn't happen again.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


And it couldn't have come at a better time.

Had an awesome time last night with some of the boys at Gab's memorial. Really fun hanging out with Convo, Losman, Arjay, Balma, Nikko, Mark, Aids, Tin and John. And Gab of course. Can't believe they actually found what I wrote for Gab and made me read it. That was sorta kinda embarrassing. But also kinda cool, haha. Wish the others were there too. It's always good when we get the A-Boys together.

Today naman, I indulged myself. Haha. I played L4D. Convo and I tried a new map. Then we went to Chili Willy's and met up with Cai, Kari, Gela and Ria (John arrived a little later). Great food! I liked my orders. The waiter was kinda snooty though. Nora should punish him. I will see you all again on Saturday!

Next up, I had Com. Except for one minor incident (a really mataray one), I had loads of fun practicing for our live TV show. There was also that other thing I did. NICE. Hahaha.

Then it was time to go home. Or so I thought. Ran into Mara Eala. Finally found Iya. Ras found us next. And then I left them with Doms to get the new altis from the high school. (It's over a year old but I still call it the new altis. Haha.) Doms' phone hates her. Haha. She was too busWe were supposed to just get takeout from Flaming Wings but we all decided to eat there instead. We all got the tenders meal and Iya and I got Wicked Oreos. Really good! The drive home was fun. Iya and I just kept on talking because the other two were fast asleep. Haha! I love it when people fall asleep whilst I'm driving. Means I'm driving well. Ras even said it was a comfy ride! Awesome. Then I dropped Iya off at Malunggay street. Haha, nice one Iya. You owe me kuwento.

To top off my day, Carlo Mikhail R. Convocar provided me with the greatest thing ever. HE GOT ME MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZOMG!!!!!! I was literally jumping up and down after he called. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!

A really, really, really awesome day. Thank you to everyone. :)

400. 400 posts. I feel blessed. Haha.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Because You Lived

"The board is set. The pieces are moving."

"The deep breath before the plunge."

"For Frodo."

"I come back to you now at the turn of the tide."


Stop right there.

Well? I'm waiting. You've got the next line bro. I can't quote LotR all by myself...

...One year later, it still does not make sense.

* * *

I remember Arjay texting me in the middle of 24. I remember talking to him on the phone minutes later. Balma next. The Y!M conference. The truth.

I remember the funeral parlor. I remember being together again for the first time in years. I remember how bittersweet that moment was.

And I remember the pain.

* * *

I'm sorry we figured it out too late. I'm sorry we weren't there for you. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you. I'm sorry it took your passing to realize how special you were. I'm sorry you weren't here to enjoy it. I'm sorry we made you think that no one cared.

The proof was in those next few days. Did you see it? Could you believe it? We celebrated you like the hero you were. Everyone, everywhere came to pay their respects. That was your moment bro. I hope you saw it from up there. Because man, you were like a rockstar. Did you see it? Your life, YOUR LIFE and not your death led to that moment. Because if you're life did not matter, no one would have been there. No one would've cried. No one would've signed on those boards. And I wouldn't be here reminding everyone of you.

We should not forget that the reason we care and we remember is not because he died, but because he lived. Because he lived his life to the fullest. Because he reached for everything and anything he could dream up with that signature GabbyD charm and passion. Because he'd stare down the most insane, most difficult of challenges and say, "Fuck it, let's do this." Because he'd danc the night away when no one else could even work up the courage to get on the floor. Gabriel Martin Doller, for everything that he was, was first and foremost, the definition of awesome. Teh awesome. Every single time, he left you in awe of his ability and skill, and because of his heart and kindness. Shameless, shirtless and superlative. A truly honorable man. That's how he rolled. And that's what I'll remember. That's what we'll all remember. And well, the bow ties too.

I am thankful for becoming close to you, privileged to call you my classmate and honored to call you my friend. Excuse me, my mellon. Continue to watch over us and look after us. And I hope you're at peace.

Forever fornever.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The First Mock Draft Result I've Liked

1. Danny Granger (Ind - SG,SF)
My man, my no. 1 pick, EVERY SINGLE TIME. No questions asked. He'll give me 3's, scoring, free throws, blocks and maybe steals. Hope he raises his overall FG% and lessens his TO's though. 24 and 6, ots of 3's and a block a game too.
2. Caron Butler (Was - SG,SF)
I like Butler. Thinking the return of Arenas will rejuvenate the Wiz. 18-6-4 with 3's/steals/blocks = 3?
3. Jason Kidd (Dal - PG)
If he stays healthy, I think he'll continue to contribute even if he is one of the oldest in the league.
4. Mehmet Okur (Uta - PF,C)
Threes from the Center spot? That's always a plus. Occasional double-double and other big man stats are welcome too.
5. Jeff Green (OKC - SF,PF)
Will make The Leap alongside KD35. He'll get the hustle stats and we'll provide in every category. Durant will get the accolades but Green will do everything too.
6. Hedo Turkoglu (Tor - SG,SF)
Playing with another young big in CB4. He'll still get his open looks and contribute right away to the Raps. Should be
7. Boris Diaw (Cha - SF,PF)
Please don't get fat. Please continue to give your Fantasy owners 3's, assists, boards, blocks, steals and scoring.
8. Brad Miller (Chi - C)
If he can give you a 3 every two or 3 games, 7-8 rebounds, 4 assists and 12-14 points, Brad Miller will still be worth getting. Playing with Derrick Rose is a good thing.
9. Raymond Felton (Cha - PG,SG)
First of all, I just hope he signs with someone in the NBA. Guy can play. Assists (7), points (14-16, occasional 20-point outburst), steals and 3's are what you get with Ray Felton.
10. Rodney Stuckey (Det - PG,SG)
He's got the starting lead guard spot on-lock. Make us all proud.
11. Ronnie Brewer (Uta - SG,SF)
Utility guy. Glue guy. Do everything guy. Perfect running mate for Deron Williams (I want him too) and a solid defender.
12. Kendrick Perkins (Bos - C)
It's all about the Blocks.
13. Mickael Pietrus (Orl - SG,SF)
With Rashard out for the first 10 games and VC still getting used to playing with Superman, Pietrus is going to kill it.

I already wish this was my team. It's solid enough I think. Lots of 3's, good PG's and scoring. Steals and blocks are covered too. I'd like another Center with range though (Troy Murphy, I'm going to get you). And I don't know if I can get used to a team where I don't add/drop players every day. Oh well. Haha.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Things I Want to Yell Out Loud

Over the years, the multitude of stories I've watched and read have provided me (provode?) with countless awesome moments. The kind of moments I look back on and just fall in love with. They're so striking and powerful, the image or sequence seared forever in my mind. Just powerful, iconic stuff...And they also always have these cool one-liners that I so totally want to yell out in real life without looking like an idiot.

1. "Avengers assemble!"

2. "Transform and roll out!"

3. Big time superhero coming through!"

Those are the top three. What say you? Can I get away with it?

Friday, September 18, 2009

For You

You know that sweet and delicious Ben & Jerry's Half Baked Ice Cream I love you so much? I will not touch another carton of Ben & Jerry's ever again for you.

You know all those Tweets I have? I'd have my account deleted for you.

You know all those comicbooks I own? I'd rip'em all apart for you.

You know all those television programs I watch? I'd watch not a single second more for you.

You know those M&M's I love? I'd completely give up chocolate for you.

You know those really awesome Twister Fries from McDonald's? Never touching another piece for you.

You know all those movies I big-up, pimp and hype? Say the word and I'm not catching another movie for the rest of my life for you.

Do you understand? Do you get it? I'd give them all up. Each and every single one of those things I love and adore and CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT, I would give up in a heartbeat. Cold turkey'em. For the rest of my life. For you. FOR YOU. That's how I feel about you.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Everybody's Girl

A Hole In The World. Never has there been a title more apt for an episode of a television series. Because that's what it felt like after Fred died. That's exactly how it felt.

And poor Wesley...can you imagine getting the girl of your dreams and then losing here almost instantly? This was not some silly little plot twist imposed by the writers on two characters who had no business being together in the first place. This was Fred and Wes. This was a damn bomb on one of the greatest love stories you'll ever see on television. For almost three seasons, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce had been pining for this girl. And once he finally had her, once she finally saw him in the same way he saw her, she died and was replaced by an angry demon demigod.

Say what you want about the tragedy of Angel and Buffy or Spike and Buffy or Tara and Willow, this is the one you will always hate Joss Whedon a little for. Because Fred and Wes were the two characters that were destined to be together forever. And that's a testament to Joss, David Greenwalt, Drew Goddard and the rest of the Angel writers, Alexis Denisof and Amy Acker for creating such a compelling, powerful and real love story with those two characters.

You see in the episode that once Fred goes down, everyone shifts into a higher gear and focuses even harder. This is their apocalypse. This is their girl who is on the brink of certain doom. This was Winifred Burkle, dying. Everyone feels it when it happens to Fred. That's how beloved she was.

One of the best episodes ever, is definitely the saddest. Goodbye Fred.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Comicbooks Make Me Smile

Wow. My wallet is much lighter now, haha. So worth it though!

Comicbooks cost a lot, true. But as I've said time and time again, nothing beats a good read. When the imagery and the words manage to marry so perfectly together, that's magic right there, and it can leave a lasting impact on the reader. The image will stay with you for a long time and it helps to have something great to remember when times are tough. And that's why I love comicbooks.

This week's haul was bigger than usual and going through all of them would take too much time but rest assured, there were so many awesome moments that brought a smile to my face. Incredible Hercules really made me laugh, Guardians mixed everything so well, Nova was awesome as usual...They're good books you know?

Here's to the books, the industry and the creators. The fans appreciate everything, clones and costume redesigns, nonwithstanding.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why Wesley Wyndam-Pryce is the Man.

Angel: Wes, it's not gonna happen?
Wesley: Why?
Angel: Because I'm not that guy! That guy is charming and funny and...emotionally useful. I'm the guy in the dark corner with the blood habit and 200 years of psychic baggage.
Wesley: Get over it!
Angel: Why are you yelling at me?
Wesley: Because! Angel, if there's a woman out there, who you find truly attractive, who you think about, let's say, most of the time, who represents even part of what you think makes the world worth fighting for, and who doesn't view you as an entirely sexless shoulder to lean on, you have to do something about it.

Nice. This was already a great exchange between two best friends. Wesley's part at the end though steals the show. Smile Time = Greatest episode ever.




Why I Fight

Can't we get World War 3 started already? I'm signing up right away.

The horrors of war be damned. I am speaking out of my ass right now. Don't care. I'd go into the war ready to die. I'd go into the war willing to die. As long as it's for a good cause right? As long as I'm on the side of angels, as long as I'm fighting for something truly special and good right?

It's so simple. It's so simple, the notion of two sides fighting each other because they're complete opposites. Good versus evil. That's it. Nothing else. So elegantly simple. I'd jump at that chance.

Because I need a reason as to why I haven't found my purpose in life yet.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Bad Guy

It takes a special kind of person to become the bad guy, the villain of your own life.

Hi, my name is Jeri. I used to think, "I'm the hero of this story." Now? I think I'm on the opposite side. :|

What the hell is wrong with me all of a sudden??

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Know What I Want For My Birthday

So far, I've come up with two things I kinda sorta want for my 21st birthday (coming soon!).

The first? I want to have a movie marathon. Specifically, 80's movies, my all-time favorite era for movies. All the movies I saw on HBO as a kid were mostly from the 80's. Stuff that my friends have never even heard of. The Thing. The Blob remake. The two Ewoks movies. Fright Night 1 and 2. Gremlins 1 and 2. And that's just the tip of this iceberg (I haven't even mentioned the classics yet). There are a lot of movies from that time that I haven't seen yet though. Red Dawn, The Breakfast Club, Footlose, etc. I kinda want to seem them before I get too old. Let's see if I can do this.

The second thing I want is kinda lame. Kinda gay even. It involves some of my closest friends and well, okay, I want to go around the school with Arjay and some of the other A-Boys. Like, just walk around the campus, talking and reminiscing and telling stories. Why? Because I want to experience it again, being part of a group -- Not that I'm a social outcast or something. It's just that, over the past few years, I've spend a lot of my free time in Ateneo by myself. I think it'd be fun if I got to go around the block with the guys for once.

Wow this was a lame entry haha. That's enough for now. Toodles!

Monday, September 7, 2009

I Really Hate Cockroaches

There was a cockroach behind the computer's system unit. Yes, less than a foot away from me. Horrible little thing. I smashed it but it didn't die so it just lay their on top of the box, leaking roach goo. And my wonderfully helpful little brother caused it to fall on my iPod. Awesome-er. Ugh.

To top it all of, I hate my life. Bow.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oh well.

So. Yeah.

Damn I feel bad.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Damn it. I feel so bad about what happened.

It wasn't supposed to be like this. We were supposed to be friends. Not this.

The worst part? I totally could've put my foot down and said "No, I am not a part of this." But no. No. I didn't. I didn't.

I've just failed as a good person...

Sorry, I left this for a few minutes to go find a real good person's journal. I failed you too my friend.


So this is how it feels to destroy something you really love. This is how you die a little inside.

I do not know how I can ever say those words I'm so fond of saying again. Because I do not have any right to do so, after today.

I couldn't stand up for what I believed in. I couldn't. I just couldn't. And now I'm going to pay the price.

It's true. I am one of the bad guys.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


As in, do not lose...


It ain't over yet. Haha.

It Ain't A Thing

When a boy likes a girl, well, isn't that the cutest thing?

It's not a problem, it's not a dilemma. It's admitting to the world that there's a person out there that makes him want to live. Basically, the girl gives him a reason, purpose. That in a world that rarely ever makes sense, there is something he can look forward to. How can that be anything else but beautiful? Could he keep that to himself? I don't think he could. So he should try to tell her. Because from that point on, the only thing he's really doing, is telling the world that he likes her. Everything, every single thing he does is just another way of saying he likes her.

So girls listen. Listen good. Because if a boy likes you, he's telling you. Don't believe otherwise. Because there is nothing more important to him than you.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's Been That Kinda Week

Actually. It's been over a week. It's been going on for too long. And I don't think there's a pretty way out.

Yeah, story of my life.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


If I don't get this, I will be very sad. Sadder than I've ever been. :(

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Cowabunga says it all.

This is what dreams are made of. I feel like a kid again. AWESOME. Bodacious. Radical. Waaaahhhhh!!!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009


I don't want to say it. If I do, bad things will happen. Dramatic, tension-filled, generally not nice things will happen. That's what always happens. That's what I do. I get it wrong and I get my heart broken.

Please, do not think that this time will be different. It won't. IT WON'T. Listen. For once in your life, listen. DON'T. It's time to try something new. This is when you stop punching the wall. This is when you realize, your fist, your arm, you broke it. You didn't stop. You broke it trying to punch through a wall. Realize that.

Concoct whatever fantasies you want. Go ahead. Dream'em up. You finished? Good. THEY WON'T WORK. They never have and they never will.

What's the matter with you? Haven't you been paying attention at all? The past how many instances, have they worked? They haven't. THEY HAVEN'T. Don't fool yourself again. Stop it. Stop acting like an idiot. Open your eyes. This ain't the way to go about it. This isn't a movie. This isn't a comicbook. This is your life. And everytime you try to pull one of these, you fail. YOU FAIL. That's what happens. Stop failing your life.

Do not believe in yourself. YOU'VE BEEN WRONG EVERYTIME. Stop it. End it. Start again.

Be new! Be spectacular! Be amazing! Because you clearly haven't been anything but. Work a different angle. Try something else. Just stop falling for the same traps every single time. If you have to be a totally different person to do this...then change. Do it. Discard this old skin; it hasn't been working for you.

In other words, give up. Give up on this. Give up on you. The time has come to move on. Grow up. Mature. Join the rest of the world. You've already been left behind so you have to start catching up now.

Okay? Okay. Now go kill yourself and be done with it. Then start over. It's time to say goodbye.

Upcoming Movies I Would Like To See

Carriers. - Chris Pine in a pseudo 28 Days Later Flick? I'm there.
9 - Saw the trailer of this a couple months back. Looked cool then, looks cool now.
More Than A Game - A documentary about a high school basketball team? Who would want to watch...Oh wait. It's about LeBron James' high school basketball team. Okay.
The Invention of Lying - HOLY CRAP. This looks awesome! Gervais! Fey! Garner! Hill! And it's a brilliant concept!
Daybreakers - Wrote about this before. I'm really looking forward to this. Hell yeah.
Sherlock Holmes - RDJ? Jude Law? Rachel McAdams? Oh yeah. Haha.
New York, I Love You - Boy that's a big cast. I think I need to check this out.
Legion - WHOA. Okay. Definitely watching you too.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Psych = Awesome Part 2

"I refuse to feel uncomfortable around you. It's silly, you mean too much to me, and, and I'm perfectly capable of keeping this platonic as long as you are."

That's Shawn to Jules whilst the two of them are on what was supposed to be Shawn's date with his girlfriend Abigail after Jules finally asked him out at the end of last season.

Why can't I be like Shawn Spencer?!

Note to self: Time to be more perceptive and observant. Also? Time to continue referencing old movies and cartoons that no one else cares about. And I'll form the head!

Thank you.

Psych = Awesome

Jules: I am uh, clearly not as good with words as you are, and um, I know that things between us have been a little complicated and that there have probably been some mixed signals mostly from me, with regards to the time that we spend together outside of the line of duty --

Shawn: Look, Jules --

Jules: Shh, just please let me finish stumbling through this I'm almost done I promise...What I'm saying, is that I think, maybe the best things, the richest things, aren't supposed to come easily and that sometimes, the moments that make the most sense happen when everything else doesn't, and well, I think you deserve more than popcorn tonight, so why don't you let me take you to dinner?

Shawn: Detective O'Hara are you asking me out on a date?

Jules: I am. A proper one.

That's how you do it. After this, there's some stuff that's kinda...off. Like, it doesn't meet the vibe I want to give off. Basically, earlier in the episode, Shawn already asked someone else out. So yeah. But it's still awesome because it leads to this:

Jules: Get out there, she's not gonna wait forever.

Shawn: Jules...I am so sorry...for snapping at you earlier.

Jules: I know.

If you happen to catch the last few minutes of the season 3 finale of Psych, stick to it. Don't change the channel. It's gut-wrenching and beautiful and sad and just...wow. I knew there was a reason I loved this show.

Oh shit.

Yeah. I think I do.

Damn it.


Good times.

My favorite parts?

1. Larry Bird's reaction: none. The Legend has seen too many of these and made just as much. Nothing to it.

2. Rik Smits was still alive back then.


4. One of my favorite backcourts ever, Mark Jackson and Reggie Miller.

5. Yeah, he pushed MJ and got away with it.


I love this game. I love the Pacers. I love Reggie Miller.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Even Shakespeare Thinks I'm Doomed

"There's a divinity that shapes our ends, rough hew them how we will."

-Hamlet to Horatio, Act 5, Scene 2.

Yesterday, my brother was reading Hamlet while we were waiting at the dentist. So when it was his turn already, I took the book and browsed through it. Then I saw the quote. At the time, I didn't realize what the line could've meant in the context of my life.

Oohhh boy. It hit me this morning.

I am doomed. Plain and simple. Last night's debacle of a "conversation" and ultimatum (shit, I'm regretting it now but damn it I couldn't take it anymore -- and everyone and their mother knew I was due for a dramatic blow-up soon) just proved that no matter what I do...it all ends the same.

*stares blankly into the monitor*


Supernatural Season 5

Looks absolutely bad ass. I cannot wait for this.

"It's war. Listen to me, it's war!"

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gonna need a moment. Gonna need my moment. In the sun, shining brighter than ever before. Why? Because I'm losing. I'm losing my mind. I'm losing me. I'm losing. I'm failing. Again.

There's something wrong. I'm beginning to think it's me again. Like, me, specifically. That I am just not...right.

Pathetic much? Sure. But when it repeatedly happens. When the characters change but the plot remains the same...it ain't anybody's fault but the writer's. And the writer of this movie, my movie? Me.

Yeah, it was one of those days.

* * *

I am not awesome. I am not amazing. I am not the guy. I never was.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


But enough of that. I can't think about it first. It's going to drive me insane if I do.

I got new books today! Ultimate Comics Avengers #1, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1, Blackest Night #2, Uncanny X-Men #514 and Incredible Hercules #132. All of them were awesome. Not saying this because I'm a Marvel guy, but Blackest Night was the weakest of the bunch.

I really want to be a writer. A comicbook writer. Because that'd be brilliant. I love comics and I think I can write fairly well.

Haha. Nice. An actual dream.


Something's different. Something's changed. Definitely.

You can't tell me otherwise. There's something wrong. And I don't get it.

There are only two ways this ends. Both are complicated.

The first way this ends, I ain't gonna like it one bit. The second one won't be fun either. Are those the only two ways this ends? Seems like doesn't it?

Oh wait, there's option three. Ain't gonna like that either I reckon'.

I'd really like to know what the hell is going on. I am so like, lost. Confused. Dazed and confused. Because I don't get it. This is not how things are supposed to be. I need the truth. I need normalcy again. I NEED YOU BACK. The real you. Not this, not this sham you're putting up. Please. If you're reading this, talk to me.

Monday, August 17, 2009

For Theo

My terrible picture for the Theo paper. Haha.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Oh hell, here we go again.

Friday, August 14, 2009


You cannot do this. Do you understand? You cannot do this. This course of action you want to take? No. You can't follow your heart because this is not in your heart. This is in your head. Far from your heart. This is not what you're supposed to do.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yes, Again

Inspired by the awesomeness of my last post, I decided to look for my second favorite Lost moment next. (Desmond and Penny's phone conversation being the first.)

This is one of the first scenes of part 2 of the season 3 finale, Through The Looking Glass. Credit must go to YouTube user ExtraitsMania01 for taking down the lines in this, my favorite Jack and Kate scene:

Jack: You okay?
Kate: Yeah, I just got a rock in my shoe.
Jack: He didn't mean it, you know.
Kate: What?
Jack: Sawyer. When he said he didn't want you to go with him, he didn't mean it.
Kate: If he didn't mean it, why did he say it?
Jack: He was trying to protect you. That's why I asked you not to come back for me.
Kate: Hey. Why are you sticking up for Sawyer? He'd never do it for you.
Jack: Because I love you.

Just....awesome. :)

For Blue Skies

I'm watching the Brooke and Lucas scene from "How a Resurrection Really Feels," (Season 3, episode 9 -- Yeah, I know the title of this particular episode) and it's the most awesome thing ever.

I think I already blogged about this a few months ago and...I just love this scene.

The song. The moment. The words...Sophia Bush was the star of the scene though. Sorry Chad. Brooke crying and the letters and all of it just made me weep.

Awesome, awesome, awesome. :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Hero of this Story

Supposedly, that would be me.

So why aren't I acting like one?

Don't you understand? You don't take shortcuts. You don't win. You don't get happy endings.

It's supposed to hurt.

Face it, you're the bad guy.

Friday, August 7, 2009

G.I. Joe

Kinda loved the movie. Haha.

(There will be spoilers!)

First off, I'd like to thank Amanda Tiaoqui for getting me and my brother our tickets. Couldn't have done it without you best friend :D

Again, I loved the movie. I read one review where they said that the movie was the live-action version of the cartoon. Yes. Correct. The beginning, the attack on the convoy escorting the "nanomites" could've easily been something they took from the cartoons. The fight scenes were so bad ass too. Snake-Eyes vs Storm Shadow, past and present, AWESOME. Scarlet and Baroness, I can watch the two of you fight all day. Eventually, they'd have to lose all of their clothes right? Duke was such a boy scout too, haha. Wish I saw more Joes, even just shout-outs to the others like Wild Bill, Bazooka, Ace, hell, they could've added Snow Job or Iceberg or any of the underwater Joes (Deep Six, Wetsuit) for the fight in the arctic and Dusty or Cross-Country in the Pit fight.

The vehicles were amazing! I wish they had included some Trouble Bubbles but seeing an actual Night Raven was cool. Loved the Cobra M.A.R.S. warship during the convoy fight.

People actually died in this movie. (Cover Girl?!) The Neo-Vipers (was that what they were called?) reminded me of the B.A.T.S. from the series.

Loved Zartan and Destro. Loved seeing Dr. Mindbender. I wish we had gotten a classic Cobra Commander laugh at the end ("You can call me, COMMANDER! Muwahahahahaha!" That's not so hard is it?) but I liked how creepy he was.

And dude, was that Brendan Fraser as FLINT?? LOL.

Anyway, the acting was kinda bad (Mr. Eko was awesome and if you weren't awesomed by him, shame on you) but hot damn all I wanted to see was the fights and the lasers and the over-the-top villains and world domination schemes (this was actually pretty crafty, better than the MASS device and the weather dominator).

Loved the cast, the whole cast. Love'em all. Ray Park is a god. Rachel Nichols and Sienna Miller are too hot and Channing Tatum was serviceable. I agree the Marlon Wayans and Nichols did not have good chemistry but Wayans seems like a nice guy and I love the he was part of a summer blockbuster. Christopher Eccleston was so over-the-top, it was awesome. Breaker was cool too. General Hawk! My man. I just loved this movie.

The final word? Star Trek then G.I. Joe then Transformers 2. Good job to Paramount haha.

Can't wait for the sequel.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Walk To Remember Notes

Amanda, ikaw lang makakagets nito haha

-Eddie Zimmerhoff. Or however the hell you spell it. Just him. :))

-I love Mandy Moore. Like, LOVE. But she has some creepy facial expressions in this movie.

-Shane West = Not Broad Shoulders :))

-BUT! Amanda = Jamie and Landon = BROAD SHOULDERS wahahahahaha

-Shane West has a giant forehead

-The part where Landon hitches with Jamie is like MAKATI CARPOOL! LOL!

-The scenes with Jamie's father and Landon at the beginning are super benta :))

-Only Hope :)

-The kiss wasn't part of the play? Really? Either way, the reaction of Jamie's dad and Landon's ex were priceless haha!

-The scene in the cafeteria gets me everytime

-Landon's frenemy, the guy he punches = _____ WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

-Would you really follow someone into a cemetery at night?

-Why did your audio suddenly get ahead of mine? We were sabay from the beginning until they went out on their first date. :(

-Teacher Fail at talking to Landon after the play :))

-A Walk To Remember is such a great movie. :D

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

4A06 Sleepover 2009

-LS Bookstore. Enzo and I meet up. He buys stuff. I don't.

-I have to print a paper. *straight face* (this keyboard in Webtown does not have the straight line used to make straight face. FAIL WEBTOWN FAIL.

-This post is sponsored by Webtown! (Well, since I did this over a span of a few days, only the first part was done in Webtown haha)

-We leave Ateneo. It's traffic. Kuwentuhan with Enzo. :D

-L4D with Enzo. Our names during the game would be harmless if they didn't refer to certain aspects of my life. Hahaha.


-Enzo is a lady-killer. He killed the witch with one shot. Thrice (Meaning he killed three witches). Awesome Enzo.

-Who arrived first? Was it Convo or Losman? I think it was Losman.

-Then Convo. We started a game but Losman had to leave after the second level.

-We're even more awesome now. Haha. WE KILL ZOMBIES.

-Balma arrives again for the last level in the Farm. I survived. Hahahaha.

-It's fun hearing guys scream like little girls whenever the Tank comes. Or how we get all scared and quiet when we know there's a witch. Oh and running away from the witch is the best. :))

-We play Starcraft. Balma kills me in 7 minutes this time. I lasted 2 minutes longer!

-Ryan and Losman come back. We play versus on L4D. Let it be known that Balma, Enzo and Convo could not take me down. They only got me because I had to help my fallen teammates. Damn it.

-Also? Versus should only be played on Normal. Masyadong lugi ang survivors eh.

-Oh and I love being a Boomer. :))

-(Balma + Convo + Enzo)Tank = FAIL. :))

-Molotovs are good against Tanks. WHEN YOU ACTUALLY GET TO BURN THE BASTARD. (And did you notice how if you throw it right at him, it bounces off?)

-WHO SAID THE TANK WAS A GUY? What if it was a chick pala??

-Losman was lost to us. I had to kill Francis so that Ryan and I could escape on the chopper. Haha.

-That was the end of L4D. Off to Enzo's!

-I ride with Zo. Balma and Convo are solo in their own cars. Ryan's got Losman.

-Jeri: Enzo, you ever have that nightmare where you're outside your house, in your car, waiting for the gate to open and nothing happens and you're stuck outside?
(Enzo makes kuwento for a good 5, 6 minutes and the gate hasn't swung open yet)
Enzo: FAVIS!


-Enzo, Balma, Convo and I arrive first. The food's ready. Time to eat.

-SISIG. Balma nearly finishes it.

-The paella was really good!

-So were the potatoes. And I was the only one who ate them so yay.

-We talked about some things. They made us laugh. I cannot remember them. :(

-Ang tagal nina Ryan.

-Tan texted???

-Ryan and Losmama finally arrive. They bought a lot of drinks and stuff and...CELLO'S!!!!


-L4D: Melee = Rape?? 0.o

-Lumabas kami nang bahay ni Enzo. May ginawa yung iba sa ilalim ng payong sa gitna ng mga kotse. Wala namang nakaluhod. :))

-We go upstairs. It took me a while to finally take a bath. Haha.

-Ryan mixes us drinks. I don't like alcohol. Haha. Pero masarap nga yung gawa ni Rye!

-We all play cards. Losman and Enzo play Magic. The rest of us play Pusoy Dos.

-Patron, Tequila! :))

-The overall loser has to do something to the overall winner. Lechupacabra. It's there.

-Because of Lechupacabra, I remember Convo :))

-You know Aayy-ay-ay-ay! Birthday Sex!

-Enzo's cards are quite...titillating. :)) ESPECIALLY THE 6 of HEARTS


-Pocket 3's ;)

-MAVERICK fail si Convo. Haha. And, Pair Kings > Pair Queens :))

-Order of elimination: Ryan, Losman, Convo, Balma, Enzo. What's that you say? Where's Jeri?

-JERI WON! They all owe me P20!

-Coz we're chillin' at the HOLIDAY INN :))

-Ryan, kuwento naman dyan haha

-Ang benta talaga ng tawa ni Losman :))

-PIRATES. That is all. :))

-Hindi natin pinanood yung 12 in 1. Or 12 on 1. Whatever. I think that was a good thing. It sounded downright scary.

-Enzo, remember the scene Balma showed me? THAT LOOKED LIKE IT HURT. :|

-Ang sarap nung Cello's haha

-Oh, hi Lex. Haha. Wala lang. You too Raf.

-Enzo, sorry for dribbling the ball in your room haha

-Ryan, your hair. It's so...captivating. :))



-My bed partner Balma hahahahaha (Ryan, post the picture of me and Balma on the floor hahaha)

-I fell asleep at like 2 or 3.

-It was 1am when Ryan said, "Left 4 Dead tayo uli!" ADIK.

-Enzo and I wake up at roughly the same time at 10am. Balma isn't there. "He must've gone home." Convo wakes up and enters the bathroom. Balma DID NOT go home :))

-Balma, sorry na, THE CAGE.

-L4D AGAIN! We died in the last level but we won on the next try and Enzo, Ryan, Losman and I all survived. SMALL TOWN HAS BEEN CONQUERED.


-Rye! POST THE L4D PICTURE with BOOMER-JERI, CONVO-ZOEY/HUNTER, ENZO-TANK(?? I actually can't remember what you were posing as haha) and CONX-SMOKER. :))

-Si Losman, nagpaiwan sa Webtown haha

-First time in Celeb. Awesome. Haha.

-Basketball! A-Boys! Nice! Teams: Balma, Tan, Convo and Conx VS Arjay, Enzo, Balma and Rye/Losman

-Convo: Hindi ka na si Larry Bird. Kahit Bonner hindi eh :))

-Conx = Clutch

-Balma = Steve Nash?

-Arjay = Shooter, sorry na. :D (Proud ako haha)

-Losman = Fresh legs/bail out-er. Hahahahahaha!

-Ryan = 3-point shooter hahaha

-Tan last shot :))

-My team lost both games :( Pero dapat foul yung huli! Ask Balma!

-Koreans take the court away from us :(

-Ate downstairs. Pwede naman Zo eh! Haha.

-Hi Gela. Did you see what Convo's going to look like in the future? :))

-I thought I ate through the packaging :| Buti na lang natunaw lang pala :))


-I am the finisher of food :))

-Happy Birthday to Arjay's mom!

-It was great seeing Arjay again. Last time I saw him was what? X-Men Origins Wolverine pa. Haha. Good to see you BCB. (Hi Chlods haha)

-Ryan forgot to pay his bill :))

-Goodbyes. Goodbyes are bitter for we separate. But sweet because we long for the next time we see each other. :)

-I know, that was pretty gay :))

-Enzo. Zo. Onzo Onzo-Bronoo! (Sing it like Papa-Paparazzi hahahahahaha OO NA. BUMENTA SA AKIN EH.) Come back soon pare. Dapat sabay kayo ni Lex at Rye uli. At ni Raf at ni Kimbo. Para maka-epic L4D tayo. Na campaign at versus. At BASKET. AT SLEEPOVER. AT LASERTAG. Basta. A-Boys! When we get the chance, we should have a more epic version of my birthday last year. I'm talking about Webtown + Basket + Kain + Lasertag! WE SHOULD.

-Balma, thanks for the ride bro. And the umbrella. But the rain was so strong that I still got drenched. First time all year I forgot my jacket and I needed it pala. Darn.

And that's that. Whew. So long. So many things I probably forgot to put in. But hot damn. Such an awesome two days. It was impromptu but it worked out so well.

Ryan, Convo, Enzo, Losman, Balma, Conx, Mark, Arjay. I had a great time. Thank you.

Sometimes, for those who would see wonderful things, they must often be ready to travel alone. But there are those instances, when it's precisely because we are not alone, do we experience such wondrous things. :)

You all know how I feel about 4A06. Forever Fornever. TTFK. :D

(This whole post is an MP. Haha.)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Thanks a lot.

Don't you miss me at all?

Why aren't you calling me, texting me, whatever?

Other people, you can make time for, FOR ME, you can't? I don't always have to be the first one to call. And don't give me that crap that, eh sorry, that's who I am eh. THERE'S A DIFFERENCE WHEN IT'S ME AND YOU.

So if you don't care anymore, then we're done.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Awesome Day :D

Act 1: Freshies + Jeri

-Woke up at 7. Discovered my phone had completely run out of power overnight. Because doing nothing takes a lot of power. WTF.

-Shot some hoops from 820-920am. Awesome. Practiced my moves. Went 36/40 from the line too. True story.

-Came back home covered in stagnant rain water, mud and magnificent workout sweat. Nice.

-Went to Glorietta. Met up with Camille in Krispy Kreme in Tierranova. Whatever that is.

-She's sick, apparently. Aaww.

-Camille: "Aaww it's not that sharp." (She says this while testing the swiss army knife's uh, knife on her own fingers. Uuuhhh *pulls a Camille* (i.e. starts to back away slowly haha)

-Joke lang Camille :D

-Walked around a bit waiting for the others. Eventually met them like 40 minutes after we were supposed to meet. I bought fries while waiting for them. Camille cannot tell when I'm being sarcastic or not. Hehe.

-What did we next nga? Oh yeah...

-Ate in the food court. Mara, Camille, Amanda and I all got food from Dencio's (Gerry's sisig is still better!), Nikki was the only one who got chicken. Loser Nikki :p

-Chismis time! Yes, we talked about you. Haha.

-Went to get *shudder* purikuras. Or as I like to call them, pikachus. Haha.

-Mara said I look like I'm from the south because of how I dress. I dunno how I should take that haha.

-Mara decided to leave just as I had bought P100 worth of credit for Timezone. Great timing Mara :))

-We walked Mara to Landmark. Along the way, we discovered that Nikki is the most unique person in the world. *wink*

-Camille, you can walk fast. There I admitted it!

-Somehow, Amanda and Nikki fell behind and still made it to Shoe Salon first. Wow.

-Girls' shoes are uglier than Guys'? Really?

-Went back to Timezone.

-House of the Dead 2 Fail. Silent Hill Fail (sabi ni Amanda).

-Nikki, Dance Dance Revo 2 Not Fail :))

-Camille bought more fries. Takaw! :p

-Old Heaven and Eggs = Farm = Terrible, New Heaven and Eggs = Emo = awesome (according to Amanda)

-Timeline: Nikki and Camille leave. Amanda and I leave next. Nikki calls Amanda asking us if we're still there and if we could buy more fries and bring it over to Camille's house. Ano kami, nag-de-deliver?

-Amanda, why didn't you tell me I was making a wrong turn??

-Amanda and Jeri = Saying Goodbye Fail :))

Act 2: Webtown with Enzo, Mark and Balma

-Enzo, sorry late pare. Haha.

-I can't quit you...Twister Fries and Icy Sprite Float without ice!

-L4D with Enzo muna.

-Level: Smalltown
My Character: ZOEY!
Difficulty: EXPERT (daw)

-Kaya pala ang galing namin, Normal pala :))

-Mark joins us just as we change the difficulty to Expert.

-Painful Realization: Mahirap makalampas sa safehouse kapag naka-Expert.

-Solution? Change it from Expert to Hard :D

-Horde + Uncommon Infected = Fail

-TANK = more dying :((

-Witch = nah, we escaped her!

-Balma joins us just in time for the last level. Also, we still die.

-Enzo survived! Good job Zo ;)

-Next map: Farm
My Charcter: ZOEY PA RIN
Difficulty: HARD

-Friendly fire = FAIL

-I kept on dying :((


-I hate Tanks :((

-We could not survive. Boomers suck.

-Easiest way to kill a tank? Human sacrifice. It's for the good of the team naman eh!

-Starcraft na lang daw. Balma killed me within the first 10 minutes :| I DON'T PLAY THIS GAME!

-Tono calls. Late na pala kami :))

Act 3: Ryan's Party

-Parking = Hassle

-SUSHI! I've missed you Ryan's sushi!




-Caps, I did not make you laglag.

-Tono and Tin = :))

-GIAN! MISS NA KITA! Mag-Facebook at Twitter na lang tayo!

-ENZO. This should convey every inside joke you and I had this night hahahahahahaha :D

-4A2k6. Gian: Bakit kailangan ng 'K?'

-Tonooooo..... :D


-It's Chris Tiu! Err, little Caps. Haha.

(I am going to start getting non-linear haha)


-Everyone at our table, nung bandang midnight na. The thing that happened. With the guy who said 'Cheers.' WTF?!

-4A2k6 DVD fail.

-Payat kaming lahat noon. :))

-It's Kim, Zye and Losman!


-Tono, dapat tinapon ka namin ni Tan sa pool. :))



-Convo, you really answered 'pututuy' too?

-An encyclopedic knowledge of all the chapters in the Harry Potter series and all of the passwords to the Gryffindor common room. YES.

-Enzo! "Excuse me, we need a..." ;)

-Commish! Daily line-up changes ah!


-Balma, do not steal Arjay from me!

Whew. Ang haba na. :)) I'm sure I forgot to put so many things. It was such an awesome day eh.

Of course, Happy Birthday to Ryan. Dude, your parties are always the stuff of legends. Thank you. Oh and you have the quote (lyric) of the night

"I don't need a microphone. My voice is f*cking powerful!"


Excelsior. Awesome day.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


There's a rat MONSTER in the house. Seriously, that's the biggest rat I've ever seen...and it touched me! Folks, I am terrified to go downstairs now. TERRIFIED. I think we've trapped it first inside the kitchen...Safe to say, I am not eating anything from there for at least a month. Maybe two months.

(Is the rat smart enough to get out of the kitchen? Will it attack me again? I have to finish this entry before it escapes.)

Anyway! I've had an unusual amount of good fortune lately. OR WELL. Not really. There was that one thing that kinda ruined it. Gah. My life, so much drama! (NOT TO MENTION THE RAT.)

It's a big deal isn't it? Principles and values were spit on. Trust, TRUST, was broken.

Wasn't it?

Yeah. There were lies involved. Subterfuge. Hiding. You don't care about me as much as you should. Or at least, because of who you are to me, I expect more from you. And you failed. Miserably.

This on top of that other thing. (Not the rat.) What am I really doing? What end are we racing towards? I'm in the driver seat. I'm making headway...but I keep on looking over my shoulder, when I shouldn't. I'm staring when I shouldn't. I'm doing it again.

What is it you really want? Argh.

Enough of that. Enough now.


Earlier today, I tried coming up with my dream Avengers team. Well, no, it wasn't the absolute dream list. It was the list I thought that could work, now. I think I have to revise it. Here goes.

Peter Parker - Spider-Man
Luke Cage - Power Man
Clint Barton - Ronin/Hawkeye
Dane Whitman - Black Knight
Faiza Hussain - Excalibur
Carol Danvers - Ms. Marvel
Daisy Johnson - Quake
Bobby Drake - Iceman
Stephen Strange - Just Stephen Strange now

Behold, Jeri's Mightiest Heroes. Okay, it's kinda a large team. But hey, it's the Avengers! They need a lot firepower. And I like the team. Peter and Luke to me have proven themselves to be real Avengers, Disassembled be damned! Clint will be team leader here. I like that the guy without any powers is the leader. Dane's an old-school Avenger and if he comes back to the states, he's gotta bring his girlfriend too. Faiza is a real hero in her own right (see: Captain Britain and MI13) and she wields Excalibur. Do you want to tell her she can't be an Avenger? She, along with Daisy Johnson and Bobby Drake are the first-timers. I love Iceman. He was an OG X-Man, why shouldn't he become an Avenger too? And Daisy is supposed to become one of the best, one of the greatest heroes ever, this is where it starts. Carol Danvers is in it because I realized, none of them can fly unassisted. Doc Strange is in it because the team needs magical support/a plot device/deus ex machina. I know he isn't Sorceror Supreme anymore, but he still should be able to help a lot.

I wish I could've made Nova, Cyclops and Ben-Reilly Avengers too. Oh and Kate Bishop and Eli Bradley too. But. Alas. I can live with this.




That's all for now. I'm going to leave now before that damn rat attacks me again. Later!

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Horde

It's a French film but it looks so bad ass!

Check out the trailer here.

Today is July 24, 2009

And today was an amazing day.


Worth every minute, worth every peso.

Oh yes.

I am happy. :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Month of Angst

Angst. I am full of it. GAH.

I can't focus on anything else. This is terrifying.

Don't Care

You know what. If you want it to be like that...LIKE THAT. Then so be it. You want it this way, hiding from me...HIDING FROM ME!...Then sure. Go right ahead. We're done. We are so done.

Why would you do that? TELL ME FUCKING WHY. Because that wasn't right at all.

Whatever twisted code of ethics you live by, hope it doesn't bite you back in the end. Enjoy your life.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


There's a problem. And it's me.

I want to solve it. I know I have to. But I don't. I have no idea why I can't just solve it. Or prevent it. Or just do the opposite of what I usually do. It's a terrible thing. And I don't know why.

There are things I do. That I continue to do despite all the instances of me doing those things and the consequences that followed.

So yeah, I'm an idiot. (Don't need to tell me that.)

How do I stop being an idiot?

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I've been in a funk.

I admit that much. Yes. And, I've been finding it hard to write. This is not good. Gotta figure this one out.

Hopefully sometime soon, something good will happen and I will be inspired to write about it. Or maybe I'll just force myself to write and it'll be awesome.

Chance or initiative? Fate or Manifest Destiny?

Whatever. Either way. Things will happen. And I will persevere. I will take a deep breath and I'll deal. And I'll be awesome.

Yes sir ladies and gents, I am STILL awesome. Kinda forgot that for a li'l bit. Not to fret, I'm okay again.

Thanks friends. You know who you are. *Wink*


Raf, hi. I'm okay. Haha. I hope you are too.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince Day

Today was a good day. :)

A very good day. Haha!

Harry Potter turned my week around. Thank you to everyone who made my day.

And, wow, Ginny is forward. Haha. And Hermione and Harry na lang!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


You may have noticed how not-happy I've been these past couple of days.

I am totally Hulk-ing out. I really, really, really want to do something destructive.

And yes, this is me turning to the dark side. HERO NO MORE.

All I'm feeling right now are like negative things. Hate...More hate. HATE! AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!



You are an annoyance.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I've come to a realization.

And it's terrible.

I am less awesome than I think I am.

Jeri Favis is not awesome.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Do This

Here we go again.

Conscious effort. Kaya 'to.

Let's do this.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I haven't been updating as much as used to. This is a sad thing. Haha.

Today was a good day.

I spent it with friends. With people I really wanted to spend time with. So if you were with me today at anytime, there. I wanted to be with you. Haha.

I had good histo and pol sci classes (which is rare).

I had a good breakfast, an okay lunch and a really great dinner.

I played L4D with Lex, Balma and Convo.

I rode home with Jaime, Amanda, Doms, Annie and Marina.

I crammed a paper in 15 minutes. I wrote the first sentence and everything just flowed. Awesome.

I just read something that might just rock my world. If I do this again, I am an idiot.


Savvy friends of mine will know what I am talking about. Haha.

Basta, oh shit talaga kung mangyari uli. For real.

I should go back to researching. Laters.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


I've been waiting for things to change for a long time now.

They never do.

The deck has always been stacked against me.

The odds have always been impossible.

It's not going to work out.

I tell myself that hoping I'm wrong.

But I'm always right.

I always lose.

It's a fact of life. It's so sad. It's hitting me right now.

I'm the LA Clippers of matters of the heart. Haha.

There is no hope.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Joke's on me!


Really funny dude. That was really funny.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Good Days

The Jeri Favis Effect.

For I am Jeri Favis, and I rock. Haha.

Anyway, haven't been able to post as much. I've been busy! Crap. School talaga.


Stuff. Stuff's happened. I'm okay. I'll survive. I've been through worse haha.

We'll see where this goes. XD

Monday, June 29, 2009


What in the world is going on??

Did I get Primeval'd or something?

Something weird is going on. It's so peculiar.

I'm sufficiently perplexed.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Downward Spiral of Death WE'VE HIT ROCK BOTTOM



I never learn.

I knew I'd screw it up eventually.

It's like a time-bomb, I just blew it all to hell.



Hahahahahahahahahahaha I'm laughing because of how insane I am.

That has to rank in the top 3 of the Stupidest-things-I've-ever-done list. Top 3 easy.




Ano ba.


So impulsive. Such an idiot.


On the way home, all I could say in the car was 'tanga.'


Right. That was fun while it lasted. If you're reading this. My bad. Sorry. If you don't ever wanna speak to me again, if you wanna give me a terrible nickname, it's okay. It's been done before. Even I understand. (I doubt you're going to read this.) Thank you for everything. I really thought...wait, won't finish that. But yeah. Story of my life. It's okay, I won't speak ill of you. You've gotten to know me these past few months. I'm not like that (I think). And this is my fault naman eh. So yeah. I don't have anything bad to say about you. I think you know that I could never do that to you. Haha. See ya around then.

YOU on the other hand, Mr. Jeri Favis, Mr. Crazy-Decisions-Make-Sense-Because-There's-An-Off-Chance-She-Might-Find-Them-Cute-Why-Don't-For-Once-In-Your-Life-NOT-Follow-Through-On-Them-Because-They're-Impulsive-And-Rash-And-History-Has-Shown-Us-And-You-That-These-Things-Never-Pan-Out-The-Way-You-Want-Them-To-WHY-ARE-YOU-SUCH-AN-IDIOT...WHY?

Why? I dunno. It felt...no, it didn't even. I forced it to feel right. Yeah. DAMN IT.

Damn it all to hell.

Downward Spiral of Death - (What's this now? *counts how many times this has happened*)...8 (and that's being generous na)

Jeri - 0

Nice. Haha.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Optimus Prime made the whole movie for me. Every scene he was in rocked. He was so heroic and bad ass and awesome and caring and...prime. Hehe. Loved it. Peter Cullen has to win something for his work on Prime. His voice really is the key to Prime.



Love it.

References to the cartoons/comics and new Transformers featured in the film:

Space Bridge - To casual moviegoers, they might say that this was a cheap plot device, but real fans know.

Jetfire being a 'Con before switching side over to the Autobots

Wheelie! My god. He actually made it into the movies before so many other Transformers! He beat out Hot Rod, Ultra Magnus, the Aerialbots, the Technobots, the Protectobots, Hound, Prowl, Sunstreaker, Blurr, Springer, Kup, Mirage, Cliffjumper, the Dinobots, Omega Supreme, Metroplex, Fortress Maximus...and those are only the Autobots I can remember right now! I haven't even mentioned the Decepticons! Geez Michael Bay.

SOUNDWAVE! Voiced by Frank Welker no less! Awesome. Loved that Frenzy and Lazerbeak(?) were his orbital drops. Soundwave ladies and gents. Need him for movie three.

Megatron beating on Starscream was priceless. They should include the more backstabbing aspects of Starscream's character in the third movie too.

Did anyone see the little microscope Decepticon? Perceptor perhaps? Haha! Though he was a 'Con in the movie, loved the fact that Bay recognized the fact that there was a microscope Transformer already in the lore.

DEVASTATOR. He went down like a punk and I didn't hear a "Constructicons, merge for the kill!" from Megs to introduce him...but hot damn. Now I know why Kup was so scared when he saw him in the animated movie.

Jolt didn't do shit. The hell?

Arcee was wasted. Damn it. She should've replaced the Twins as Sam and Bumblebee's back-up.

Sideswipe's intro was cool. Ironhide had a few lines and Ratchet was there, but still, they coulda used them more.

Oh and of course, THE MATRIX. Dear lord. They even had that little like, "heaven" thing (yes, that's really a part of Transformers lore). Bay shoulda played "The Touch" though. If he's saving it for movie three...well, one can hope.

So yeah. All in all, I loved this movie. Yes, there was little characterization for most of the Robots but hot damn, Optimus was so bad ass, he totally makes up for it. Thank you Peter Cullen.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I messed up. Damn it I messed up.

I hate this. I hate this so much. It's such a terrible thing to feel. GAH.

Oh well. Ain't like this hasn't happened before.


If I were a transformer, I'd be a jet.

An F-35 Lightning II. Why? Because they're new and they look freakin' cool. AND it's a "stealth-capable military strike fighter, a multi-role aircraft that can perform close air support, tactical bombing and air defense missions."

Holy shit. Did you even read that? It's a stealth strike fighter. STEALTH STRIKE FIGHTER. Those are three words I do not want to see on any intel I have on my enemies.

(Good eye Amanda. Haha.)

And my name would be Hyperblast. And I'd be an Autobot. Lord knows the Autobots need...wait. Sky Lynx, Jetfire, the Aerialbots, some of the Technobots and Powerglide. Haha. Oh well! It's good to have a lot of options.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009




Friday, June 19, 2009

"Best friends. Friends forever."

This is just awesome. The Onion. I must search your archives for more of these things!

My fave part:

"Anyway, you would totally hate me as your girlfriend. I'd be all needy and dramatic and slowly growing to love you. If I was your girlfriend, I would never be able to tell you all about the other asshole guys I date and pretend I don't see how much it crushes you. Let's never lose that. That's what makes us us."


Great article. Good job.