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- JFav

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Come and Gone

Happy Holidays everyone! Did everyone have a good Christmas? I hope you all had good food to eat, great company to spend time with a loads of gifts and presents. Lots of things to talk about this time so let's get right to it!


Overall, Christmas this year was great. Sure, I spent Christmas Eve in MakatiMed (which has changed so much by golly) since my grandmother was sick and had to be confined, but hey, it was something different. I'm worried though that this is becoming a thing, since last year, it was my dad who was at the hospital for Christmas with the most intense toothache in the history of the world. I remember how he look so pained that night. It was horrible. Luckily, my Lola found the strength to soldier on (Thank you Jesus!) and after some shopping in Power Plant, she's all better now. Plus, my Tita got me these cute set of socks. They're Pacman-themed so it's pretty boss.

On the other hand, Christmas with the Favises was pretty awesome as always. The food was great, it was nice to get to know my little nieces better and Secret Santa was fun too. We left earlier than most and I wish I got to spend more time with them but hey, that's what next year is for. My one superwish though is that we finally get to have a COMPLETE Favis Christmas with everyone. That's something that's eluded the family for a while now. Here's to hoping!


So, to put it simply, I bought a shitload of comicbooks this year. I got a lot of TPB's and hardcovers. Ultimate Spider-Man, Fables, Jonathan Hickman books, The Korvac Saga, it was a good haul. Having a stable salary does have its benefits.

Doctor Who A Christmas Carol

This year's Doctor Who Christmas special was the first for the Eleventh Doctor and the gang and it was pretty great. Some of the twists and turns were kinda predictable, but during Christmas, predictable is exactly what you need. Michael Gambon was a fantastic foil/ally and Matt Smith was great as usual. The lack of Karen Gillan was a little disappointing though but judging by the teaser trailer for next series, we'll be seeing a lot of Amy Pond in the next season. Speaking of the teaser for series 6 at the end of the episode, it was chock-full of spoiler-y, Doctor-y goodness and I seriously cannot wait for all of it to start.


Many thanks to Junsi Agas for hosting this year's A-Boys Christmas get together. Personally, this was one of the better gatherings. It was great to see everyone again and to catch-up, and join in on the customary shenanigans.

The Town

So I just finished watching The Town and what a great movie it is! Again, it was sorta predictable in a way, but the characters felt so fleshed out that you came to care for them that watching the tragedy unfold was pretty exciting. The movie clocked in at almost two hours but I felt like we needed more. Not to say the movie was lacking, jbut ust because I wanted to see more of Jeremy Renner's character. All in all though, fantastic flick.

Okay, whew. I'm spent. Again, Happy Holidays everyone and I hope everyone's ready for the New Year. Can you believe it? 2010's already over! 2011 here we come! Toodles!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hell Week

My fantasy team (the most important one) is currently down 0-8 this week in a 9-cat league.

Gilbert Arenas and Andray Blatche have not responded to the recent trade quite as well as I hoped they would, Steph Curry is still hurt and some of my other players have just quite simply been sucking it up. Ugh.

For Christmas this year, I wish for a magical turnaround. That is all.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I Am Sick

Sore throat sucks. You can't talk, you can't crack a joke, you can't laugh properly, you can't sing Daniel Bedingfield's If You're Not The One, you can't tease people about their love lives, I mean, I've got to find some way of amusing myself at work and I use my mouth for like 90% of those things.

I won't lie to you, sitting here in front of the computer is probably making it worse, but I need to be here, trust me. Oh well.

At least it's Friday tomorrow so there's no work and I'll get to rest.



Almost forgot! My buddy Lex is back from Singapore. He'll be here for the holidays and I'm looking forward to seeing him. Welcome back PB!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hello, Goodbye and a Promise

It seems as if every time I try to get this thing going again, I end up with a four-posts-in-one-day type blitz and then no-show for a month. Well, I'm here, promising, that I actually follow-through and start blogging for real again.

Micro-blogging, so convenient and easy, has completely eradicated the "need" for one-word/one-sentence entries, thus making it necessary that each post be substantial, purposeful and wordy. Which, for a young bloke like me who comes home from work semi-tired and only thinking of whether or not Andray Blatche actually gave a damn today and got some rebounds and blocks, pushes "real blogging" off of my to-do list. It just takes too damn long to blog. The internet beckons.

So on this, the 15th day of December, 2010, I declare that Jeri Favis starts blogging again. Why? Because I must. Because it is just. Because damn it, you need to take me seriously as a writer. And because a guy like me who loves comicbooks, basketball and the NBA, pop music, works for a bank and LOVES to eat needs to be able to tell the world about, or risk annoying and eventually losing another follower.

That is all.