"It is critical you pay attention at this time..."

I need to increase my readership haha
- JFav

Sunday, May 31, 2009


"I love you too, pretty girl."

Awesome. Always awesome. Never fails to cheer me up too.


Thursday, May 28, 2009


As in, we are all.


It ain't over yet.

Keep your eyes open.

A Flashback

Say what you want about One Tree Hill (hey, I'll admit, I've grown tired of the series too) but if there's one thing I'll always remember about this series, it's the Brooke-Lucas relationship.

The popular girl and the loner outsider. The cheerleader and the jock. Their relationship at times has been quite dramatic and chaotic (Luke and his "true love" Peyton, Brooke sleeping with Chris Keller -- Heh, Tyler Hilton was awesome) but at the end of the day, they'll always be, for me, the best couple on the show. Better than awesome Nathan-Haley, tragic Karen-Keith and even Mouth-Shelly/Erica/Rachel/Brooke/Gigi/Millie/MY GOD MOUTH GOT ALL THE HOT CHICKS. You know why? Because you actually believed in them and their love. Some of these pairings on these network shows, they seem forced (See: Any TV show where the sweet innocent girl is with the supreme jerk of (heh, "jerk of") the universe -- What? He's got a sensitive side? JUST SAY HE'S GOT A GREAT BIG MOBY (dick) AND BE DONE WITH IT! Idiot women.) Anyway, their love was the apex of their transformations from unknown to superstar (I'm talking about Brooke) and "love-slut" to loving and committed husband (I'm talking about Lucas falling in love with almost every female lead on the show. I'm still not convinced their isn't a three-episode arc somewhere in their archives showing Lucas and Haley getting it on. Girls and guys cannot be best friends forever, but I digress). At each other's individual peak, they were at their best as a couple. Also, they looked cute together! They had the best "Aaww" moments on the show (more on that later)! I still stand by my assertion that Brooke and Lucas are the meant-to-be couple of this show. Peyton can just die. Maybe draw and then die. Whatever. Hate her.

Wait, where was I again? Oh whatever, point is, I Love Luke and Brooke.

Evidence of their awesomeness:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

My god. Watching those scenes again reminds me of how I was such a sentimental fool back in the day. Wait. SCREW THAT. I AM A SENTIMENTAL FOOL. That was so awesome. TRUE LOVE ALWAYS WINS. (Maybe. Haha.)

And dear reader (all 5 of you), if you're thinking, "That Jeri haha! He must be thinking he can apply this to his own life, crazy (Chee Kee style -- only A-boys will get that)," just keep on reading. 'Til next time.

Sad Face

Tinatamad ako magbasket. Like, to practice. Playing an actual game is cool. But, off time, to practice, ayaw ko. I dunno why. :(

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

WTF Post

Unrequited love is a bitch. I have met you one too many times. Will you continue to plague me 'til the end of my days? Am I supposed to learn a lesson here? Is the love of my life actually someone I am rebuking right now? Please don't let that be the case. She'd be in a piss poor state that one. I am not worth it lady, move on.

The screenplay for the 50-Year Old Virgin can be found right here on this blog. I'm the star, the director and the writer.

Yes. This is the state I am in now. Maybe it's because I'm sweaty and it's hot and I hate this feeling. Maybe it's because people keep on reminding me that I'm a loser, but I shouldn't be, but I am, and it's funny and shut the fuck up.

News flash! I love my life! I love sitting in front of the computer on a Saturday Night searching the 'net for every last bit of info about Lost or Battlestar Galactica or whatever. I love being this witty, sarcastic bastard who is just really a dork but doesn't mind and just laughs off the perceived notion that I should be depressed and taken out back and shot for wasting away my life. Yeah!

Gah. Look at the state of me. Your life has now become roughly 5x worse. I've wasted your time. Good night and good luck.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


There are numerous reasons why I love Primeval.

1. Lucy Brown as Claudia Brown. I know, not very imaginative with the naming. But. HOT. AS. THE SUN. She's Jenny Lewis right now, as of where I am, episode 10 and she isn't as hot as before but daaaamn. Just give her back the blouse and her long brown hair and we are good to go.

2. Professor Nick Cutter. He is like a cross between Giles, Wesley AND Angel. He's the smart one, the leader and the bad ass all wrapped in one. He's also a tortured man who keeps on losing the ones he loves. Like the series 1 hairdo better than the current series 2 style though. Oh well. Douglas Henshall is the man!

3. The ace-in-the-hole Stephen Hart. Sure, he got busy with the uber-villain and the Professor's ex Helen but damn, the guy is the the muscle of this unit and he performs his duty admirably.

4. Connor Temple is just plain geek awesomeness.

5. Dinosaurs. Future Bats. Future Sharks. Wormholes into the past and future? What's not to love?

Update! 3:34 pm


Connor being a bad ass, saving Abby and professing his love to her? Awesome.

Jenny Lewis busting out Claudia Brown hair? Awesome.

Cutter being funny and bad ass? Awesome.

Stephen asking for a rifle and a pistol, jumping into the water and swimming fast enough to save the day? Awesome.

And of course, Lester being Lester? AWESOME. God I love this show.

LeBron James

This is it. This is the moment. This is what we're actually supposed to witness.

Down 3-1 to a very good team. He's doing everything that he possibly can. And they're still losing.

LeBron James simply cannot carry the Cleveland Cavaliers by himself. No one can.


Along the way, James has rewrote the book on what athletes can and cannot do. This is just another chapter.

Cavs in 7. It's the only thing left to call. But would you really bet against it?

Just make sure you keep your eyes and ears open. There just might be a miracle yet.

Make Mine Awesome

This is my 36th post this month. AWESOME. Last year, I had 4 posts in the whole month of May. AWESOME.

Can I go for 40 this month? Yes I can. Stay tuned.

I just sneezed all over my hand. Hahahahahaha.

It's almost 3am. I haven't taken off my shorts, compressions shorts and underwear yet. Awesome.

Sayang kanina. I should've played myself more. Oh well. Coach Favis pa rin haha!

Man my snot is gross. Haha.

Nike = Awesome

I love Nike. Their commercials are the best. Hahahahaha.

Exhibits A, B, C and D.

C'mon Dwight, they're funny as hell. Stop being such a baby.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Don't Be Afraid

Holy mother of broken hearts. I think we've just found my new song. Haha. Elliott Yamin is awesome.

I don’t mean to bother you, I see you with your girlfriends
Wanna know if you got any plans for the weekend
Can I pick you up around 7, you let me know when.
That’s when she says she's got a man…
I don’t see a ring on your fingers so what you sayin'
why your girls look at you so crazy, c'mon, stop playin'
If it's not too much can I at least know what your name is
Girl why you tellin' me u can't

Don’t be afraid to fall in love

cause I don't believe in giving up

Please give me a chance to earn your trust
Cause I know I can be everything that you need
Don’t be afraid to fall in love
And don’t ever say that is just too much

Cause you never know I could be the one

Girl we're not all the same,
babe don’t be afraid to love

You say that every man is lookin' for just one thing
You say they love you but they really don’t know what it means
How can you think that way when you know nothin' about me
I say you runnin' away
I'll buy you nice things that I cannot pronounce
And if you let me love you, babe I will turn you on
I'll stay committed and I promise I would be around
your life will not be the same

Don’t be afraid to fall in love
cause I don't believe in giving up
Please give me a chance to earn your trust
Cause I know I can be everythin' that you need
Don’t be afraid to fall in love
And don’t ever say that is just too much
Cause you never know I could be the one
Girl we’re not all the same, babe don’t be afraid to love

If you try
Its not a waste of time
You will find
That love is what you need in your life
Just let it go
Nobody's gonna hurt you
Don’t say no

Tell me what I need to do
To make you see that you don’t have to be that way

Just don’t be afraid!

Don’t be afraid
don’t be afraid
to fall in love!

Don’t be afraid to fall in love
cause I don't believe in giving up
Please give me a chance to earn your trust
Cause I know I can be everythin' that you need
Don’t be afraid to fall in love
And don’t ever say that is just too much
Cause u never know I could be the one
Girl we’re not all the same, babe don’t be afraid to love

Don't be afraid!
"It would be crazy to think that this wasn't going to end in heartache. Everyday, I was falling in love with her more and more. This was not good. The eventual end would be hard and terrible. There would be a lot of crying. A lot of sad nights, sure. Maybe even moments of total depression. That could all be avoided though. If I chose to end it and leave before things got messy. It'd be the easy way out. Maybe even the coward's way, to some people. But then, there are those moments, when all of a sudden, I'd catch her smiling. I'd hear her laugh. She'd bounce in the cutest way while walking. And then I'd imagine being with her for whole days. Getting to see that smile and hearing that laugh everyday. That's when I realize that if that's what could be at the end of all this, hell yeah it's worth taking the risk. The world hates a coward. But you could also argue that being foolish is not the same as being brave. Going down hard or not going down at all just to avoid the heartache? And trust me, I know what the heartache feels like...But I'd never forgive myself if I didn't see this all the way through. She's totally worth it. And that's reason enough for me to fight until the end."


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer Basketball

Just got back from Bel-Air. Mikey's game ended without a single shot being attempted. Why? Palm defaulted. They are who we thought they were. Damn. After trying to fix Mikey's schedule the whole weekend just so he could play, no one got to play. Damn it.

This sets up my first coaching effort of the season on Friday against San Lo. It's always a great game when San Lo and Bel-Air meet and this time, I get to coach. I hope I don't panic and make stupid decisions. It's a must win game for both teams. So yeah.

Tomorrow will probably be my last game of this season. See, we're in the semis but I'm going to miss that. And they're probably not going to win so tomorrow against Dasma, I'll be playing my last game. I'm going to give it all I got. The first 2 games, I didn't play particularly well. So crap. GET IT TOGETHER.

I really missed playing in the intervillage. It's not as whimsical an experience as it once was. It doesn't have the same, wholesome feel it used to have. Maybe that's just me getting old. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong. Either way, the intervillage doesn't seem as fun anymore.

That's all. Haha.

Friday, May 22, 2009


This night ended well. :D

It began okay I guess. I hate how I have the sniffles and my throat's sore in the morning whenever I sleep in Mama and Papa's room (aircon kasi eh).

No breakfast. Haha.

Driving to school was a breeze.

Histo was fun. Don't think I'm taking the test na. Haha!

The break was spent with new ComTech friends. If you're reading this, hello! Haha.

The eco test was...easy? Haha. I don't want to sound like an ass. That's never stopped me before though! Haha.

Driving home was fun. Moncie, let me send you a link :p Hahahahahaha

3 pieces of longganisa + ham sammy + iced tea = SIESTA :D

Good nap. Pwede na dinner. Watched Don't Stop Believing again! Haha.

GAME TIME! Thanks for watching guys. Haha.

Sayang we didn't win. I'm disappointed I didn't play as well as I could (again). Hay.

And again, because it's worth repeating, the night ended well.

Thank you. Glad you had a great day too. :p

Don't stop believing. Hold on to that feeling. :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Yup, this is my 300th post.

Significant? Sure. I'm glad that I was able to write again. That's what 300 means to me. Not the volume of posts. Not the myriad of things I've written about. Not even the fact that I think I'm an egomaniac for thinking this blog would affect people haha. No. It just means that I was able to write again. I thought I wouldn't be able to do that really. But here I am. And it's cool. Very cool.

So, in true Guypattersonreturns fashion, I will end this with a one-liner (the easiest and fastest way to increase your post count haha) or two:

I will hope, I will pray, I will dream, I will continue to be me. I won't apologize for my actions, I won't regret them. I'm just doing what I was born to do. Here goes nothing.


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. (This one is only for me hahahahaha).

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

That's a damn shame.

Captain Britain and MI-13 got canceled.

That really sucks. I really love the book. Now I feel even worse for not getting my copy of issue 13.

And the hits just keep on coming.

A Lie

Disclaimer: This post will not reflect my current state.

Actually, it will. Sorta. I think I will use terms only I will be able to understand. Haha.

I'm Admiral William Adama sitting in his raptor looking for the Baseship in the latter part of the first half of season 4.

I'm Tim Riggins in every season of Friday Night Lights.

I'm Peter Parker in Ultimate Spider-Man, the Venom arc.

I'm MJ, still in Ultimate Spidey, when Kitty joined the cast.

I'm Kitty, yes, still in Ultimate Spider-Man at the end of Clone Saga.

I'm Sawyer, when he jumped out of the chopper in the season 4 finale.

I'm Michael Scott after Holly Flax left.

I'm...spent. And stuff. Hay.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh my god

That's two of'em already.

The universe is telling me I'm doomed. Haha.

I've always been doomed.

That's the way it goes.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Why Am I Alone? I AM NOT ALONE

The greatest mystery in the universe. That's what it is.

Hmmm. Wait, no, I do not want to get into this right now. Kanina, by myself, well, in my head, I was thinking about this lang talaga and not paying attention to the outside world. So technically, I was alone with my thoughts. There. Basta. Lonely ako. Haha. Next time na 'yan. Pota.

In other news....

They have a Thor. It's George Kirk from Star Trek XI.
Brett Gardner is apparently a Disney character.
A-Rod is the man.
I am still full. All of these things were on my Twitter. Haha. I am too lazy to post the links. All you need to know is, the internet makes me happy. People don't. Crap. I am like 50% sure I am 50% kidding. So I'm like, 25% joking. Haha.

Update! I left this post for like 20 minutes to chat with people. Arjay and I are having a deep discussion. About something. Haha. Three guesses as to what it's about. Haha.

Point is, Arjay, I love you. Haha. I love you so much best friend. You really know what to say when I talk to you. Haha. It's because we come from similar backgrounds and lives but are still so different. Hay. Thanks BCB.


Arjay: :)) --- At this point kasi, this was his like, 3rd line in the whole Y!M window. I had like 20. Later, he would say:

Arjay: but i can tell you ****** **** ***
Arjay: your IM's are a blitzkrieg, haha

Arjay: yes, you are unique, haha --- AAAWWWWW

Arjay: hey dude, have to go for a while, i'm really happy **** **** is ****** you happy (have to hide some of that haha)

Thanks Lenny, you the man!




Hmmm...it's not that bad actually. They should get rid of the rapping though.

If they're going to include this, I hope they only play it during the credits.

Please please let the original version, even if it's just the intro, be featured during the actual movie.

"You've got the touch! You've got the power!" -- That still sends me into happy land. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Loud and clear, in terms only I could understand.

It's over.

Lost Update

"And just because we love each other doesn't mean we're meant to be together."


Update 10:49 PM Manila Time, May 15, 2009

I'm in tears. Oh my God. Juliet!

And I just got punched in the gut. Not just because of what happened to Juliet. But I've just realized something. You can't fight it. I can't fight it. It's over.

This is how I know that this doesn't end well.

Oh my god, it's over.

Supernatural - Lucifer Rising Season 4 Finale

Oh my god. Wait. No. This was the exact opposite.

Spoilers for those who haven't seen it yet but the very last scene of Supernatural this season has the Winchester boys bathed in white light, Lucifer set to appear at any moment. I keep on rewatching it. It's so mind-blowing. Sam set Lucifer free. OH SHIT. The angels want a war because they think they can win. Their ace in the hole? Dean Winchester. Chuck and Castiel were last seen awaiting the wrath of the archangels. Can't the archangels kick Lucifer's ass instead?

Either way. This is it. End game stuff. And I can't wait. Sigh.

Supernatural. AMAZING.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


4A06's HEART.

YOU HEAR THAT?? I'M THE HEART!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!

Okay so maybe that's not what he said. And really he didn't give me any designation or anything but when Mando needed someone to plan, he asked me to do it. For I am the heart of 4A06. (No I am not Mati.)

This is awesome. Hahahahahahahahaha!

But I'm a lonely heart. :(

(I just had to find SOMEWAY to make this an emo post. Haha.)

To any A-Boys reading this. Inuman daw. I wanna hoop it up as well. Left 4 Dead is cool too. So is lasertag. Let's get it started!


I feel bad for Cyrano. Yes, that Cyrano.

Dude was awesome. Like, just totally awesome. And he still couldn't get the girl. Damn.

"How can you read now? It is dark..." This would've been the point in the movie where everyone in the audience shouts at Roxanne, "THAT'S BECAUSE HE WROTE IT YOU IDIOT!"

"You remember when Beauty said "I love you" to Beast, that was a fairy price, his ugliness changed and dissolved, like magic...But you see, I am still the same." So very emo until his dying breath.

"My white plume..." But he still loved her until his dying breah.

You go Cyrano.

This Sad Existence

(That'd be a great name for an indie band, yeah? Haha.)

There were two things that happened to me today that kinda ruined it. First off, on the way to the LRT station along Katipunan, I came across this old lady. As I was passing her, she spoke up and asked for P5. Now, I was walking pretty fast so when she spoke, I was already mostly past her. And I felt like a jerk because she was directly talking to me. For like six seconds, I was debating whether or not I should go back and give her the P5. And yeah, I need all my coins since I was commuting. But, I decided to give her the P5 because I had a hundred in my wallet so I really didn't need the five. I turned back and caught up to her. I was about to give her the coin when she asked me if she could have more than five. What the hell? Really? That's your con? Jeez. I really felt like a sucker. There I was, trying to do a good deed when she decided to try and squeeze a few more bucks outta me. Is my point coming across? She was working me! Dear lord. I told her that that was all I had and continued on my way.

The second thing happened while crushed inside the MRT. There were these two foreigners inside talking. One of them was directly in front of me holding onto one of the straps attached to the steel bar overhead. They were just talking and stuff when this other guy, a grumpy looking man started to move around the car. We were jam-packed. This guy was already annoying. But then he squeezed himself in front of me and took the strap away from the foreigner. That guy just grabbed it and tugged and the foreigner had to let go. He shut up and I felt so bad for him. I felt bad for me and the country! This idiot of a commuter just showed him how rude Filipinos can be! Argh.

Point is, life most certainly sucks. And this realization has absolutely nothing to do with The Downward Spiral of Death (I have to get that trademarked) haha.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Must Explain

I have no idea where that last post came from. That's a lie. Haha.

I also have no creativity because 2 of the last 3 posts use almost the same device! Darn it.

But okay. Basta. I have my reasons. And they're predictably predictable.

Jeri Favis, you'll never change. Haha.

My First

There will come a day when I will wake up and my first thought will be of you.
My first word, your name.
My first instinct, to find you.
My first desire, to be with you.
My first step, towards you.
My first smile, because of you.
My first hug, around you.
My first kiss, with you.
My first joke, for you.
My first laugh, shared with you.
My first tear, because you hurt me.
My first mistake, a frown on your face.
My first frown, because you're gone.
My first regret, saying goodbye.
My first surprise, a text from you.
My first final thought of the day will be hoping to see you the next day.
My first good night, will be to you.
My first dream will be of you.

But until then, my last thought, as always, will be you.

(HA! Take that Pablo Neruda!)

Something I Always Think About

"Risk gentlemen, that is why we are aboard her." - Captain James T. Kirk

Today is May 13, 2009

Today. Yeah, today.

Yeah, embarrassment.
Yeah, heartache.
Yeah, stupidity.
Yeah, friendship.
Yeah, sisig rice.
Yeah, Kris Allen sang Heartless OMG.
Yeah, am I the only one who finds it funny when Randy tries to introduce Simon every single time before he makes his comments?
Yeah, Matt Giraud coulda sang the hell outta Apologize.
Yeah, I'm running outta cash.
Yeah, I was kinda funny. (Kinda forced it a little.)
Yeah, we're one step closer to the Lost, 24, Supernatural and The Office season finales.
Yeah, I'm not as excited for the How I Met Your Mother and Castle finales. (HIMYM has been boring this year. Castle, I don't want to end.)
Yeah, the Smallville finale, "Doomsday," is probably going to pale in comparison to the actual "Death of Superman" story but hot damn I so wanna see this finale. (Smallville has a good track record with awesome finales.)
Yeah, downward spiral of death. It's unavoidable. It's inevitable.
Yeah, I really am very excited for this week's new comics. (Dracula's first real out-in-the-open strike - Captain Britain and MI:13. The continuation of the riot in the sciencells - Green Lantern Corps. The Howling Commandos return - Secret Warrios. NEW ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MONTHS? - Ultimate Spider-Man. Paul Cornell's second book of the week - Dark Reign: Young Avengers.)
Yeah, today.

Today was just like any other day. Except I couldn't escape this feeling of doom...and ironically, of hope. (I'd really make an excellent Blue Lantern though, I think.)

Wait. No. That IS everyday.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

2 Days

Hi. If you're reading this and you don't understand what this means, then this post is not meant for you. Only one person in the world will get this. To that person, I say, thank you for remembering. Thank you for laughing about it with me. Thank you for keeping true to your word even when you shouldn't. Thank you for acknowledging our past. Most of all, thank you for a brighter future.

I know that "2 Days" doesn't mean anything more than what we've already discussed. I truly do. I'm not trying to start something again. I'm just glad that it's there. Again. Just like you are.

Thank you.


I'm tired of waitng + She's getting here as fast as she can = Makes sense

Yeah. That makes sense. But then thinking about it, a lot of things could happen to her on her way to me. She could get into an accident. She could go down the wrong street and get lost. She could also stop and turn around, giving up. So I've gotta find her before I lose her for good. I've got to find her. It's grace again. Haha. "Grace is the meeting of two desires." Hers and mine.

Monday, May 11, 2009

More about Star Trek XI

Thinking about it now, Star Trek XI (yes, that's what I'm going to be calling it from now on) will go down as one of the greatest movies of my life. It completely restored my faith in the franchise and brought in tons of new fans. As I said the night I first saw it, it WINS. Like, WIN. It was a good thing for everyone involved. It validated something from my past that I didn't think could be part of my future. It's amazing. Oh my god.

Live long and prosper indeed.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Here We Go Again

This is a good thing. And with all the good things that have ever happened to me, they all ended up becoming bad things. It's only a matter of time.

Somebody Kill Me Now

I can die now.


The audience clapped for it at the end of the movie. OH MY GOD.

Again, STAR TREK. Hell yeah.

Thursday, May 7, 2009



Lost - Follow The Leader

Wow. That was some episode. The last one before next week's 2-hour bonanza of a finale. If you want to read my thoughts while watching the episode, you can check out my Twitter.

Man that was a fantastic episode. All the characters got a chance to shine (save for Jin). Locke made me like him. Ben made me fear him. Kate made me put her on the same level as Lana, loved them at first, can't stand them now. And to keep with the Smallville theme, Juliet is Lost's Chloe. Didn't like them at first, LOVE them now. And ain't it a thing that both of them are rumored to bite it in their respective season finales? How 'bout that? And man, Jack has gone crazy! At least he's got Sayid on his side. And team Hurley, Jin and Miles? Awesome. (With an assist from Miles' daddy to boot!)

This was a great ep. Great characterization and they moved the plot at a frantic but controlled pace. Kudos to all the people behind this episode. I can't wait for next week's 2-hour finale. It's going to be off the hook. (We'll also find out what happened to Bernard, Rose and no-name survivors!)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009






Good Day (Which is also the title of a very underrated Click Five song)

Yes, I listen to the Click Five. I liked them better with original lead-singer Eric Dill though. Yes, I went out of my way to find out the guy's name. He's kinda good-looking and I really dig his voice.

Shush you, I am not gay.

Moving on....

Something happened early in the day that I thought was very cool. Yay.

FINALLY got my books. As usual, they all kicked ass. Bummed that my shop didn't have The Avengers FCBD issue though. Damn it. Also, I have to say, Bendis and Deodato's Dark Avengers? That's a pretty good book right there. Very good. New Avengers, I still love. The other usual suspects, Nova, Guardians, Captain Britain, all stand out books. Make Mine Marvel!

A very delicious dinner.

And, as of now, like right now, that's it. Haha. And those things make today a good day. Yehey! Haha.

Also, it took a while, but my current playlist? I LOVE IT. Haha. Some of the tracks on it:

Amazing - Kanye West
Come Back to Me - David Cook
White Horse - Taylor Swift
Don't Stop Believing - Journey, Flight 409, Plans to Leave (Yes, that's the same song, times 3, by 3 different artists haha Blame Glee)
A buncha stuff by Brighten: Ready When You Are, Love Me Honestly, Easy To Fall In Love,
My Humps and Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas (I LOVE MY HUMPS)

And of course, the REAL American Idol, Matt Giraud and his version of You Found Me. I LOVE THIS SONG. His version is AMAZING. SWEAR. Haha.

Anyway (Hey would you look at that! I've started 6 paragrahps (or well, "paragraphs") with the letter 'A.' I'm a real A-Boy. Hahahahaha.), moving on! Yun nga. Good day. Thank you.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Man my Twitter is going to eat up on my posts.

Most of my one-liners are now going straight to Twitter. Let's see what happens next.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Humps

The song first came out when I was in...........4th year high school?

And I still like it.

Also, it reminds me of Convo every single time. Hahahahahahahaha.

A Reason

Over here at Make Mine Jeri, I like to write a lot about movies. Bad movies, good movies, great movies even. I like movies, who doesn't? They have this unique way about them of getting you excited to see'em when they come out. They're called trailers. And you know, more often than not, the trailer is waaaaaaaaay better than the actual movie itself (see: Fantastic Four 1 & 2, X-Men 3). But it's undeniable, the moment a new trailer is out, you can't help but feel completely awestruck by what you just witnessed. The anticipation for the movie gets doubled once the first teaser hits and you spend the next few months thinking about all the infinite possibilities the movie might hold. Because, after all, that's it isn't it? Infinite possibility. Hope for something amazing.

Star Trek. Terminator: Salvation. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra. Their trailers have been out for a while now and the movies themselves are all going to be released within the next few months.

The trailers for every single one of these movies have me stoked. This is a banner year for big-budget blockbusters. They have me hopeful. It's quite possible that every single one of these movies will diappoint me in one way or another. But it's highly unlikely that I won't see them within two days of their release, in the cinemas, mind you. Why? Because in times as bleak as these (for all of us, I'm talking about the human race), we need hope. (Also, because I really am a lonely bastard and most, if not all of these movies will be part of my DVD collection in the near future so yeah, I'll need something good to watch on Friday and Saturday nights.) And that's what trailers give us. Movies, the great ones can give you hope, sure. But most of the time, they end up disappointing you. Trailers? They never do.

Friday, May 1, 2009



"The Netherlands confirms its first case of zombie swine flu, in a three-year-old boy recently returned from Mexico. After passing away early this morning, he rose from the dead and lunged at his mother."