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I need to increase my readership haha
- JFav

Monday, June 30, 2008

Tangent Post

The world can be cruel. Whoever you are, I'm sorry I didn't do anything to help you.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Suppliment Post

Wonderful news everyone! I have a computer again! For the past nearly 2 weeks I have been without a computer. We've been relying on my mom's laptop but when I tried to post using it, it friggin' crashed on me. Mom would kill me if her laptop was destroyed. This explains why I haven't posted since that very heartfelt post of mine the other week.

Anyway, I'm pretty busy right now. I promise to write again the moment my schedule clears. TTFK!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Why oh you...

I'm in love with you. I so am.
If only you could read this. If only you could hear me say this to you, face to face.
I didn't want it to be like this, me confessing to a keyboard. These gentle strokes were meant for you and not y-o-u. My eyes are squinting from the glare of the monitor and not from the shine of your smile. You can't hear me choke on my words, can't hear the mistakes my voice makes because my heart and brain can't agree upon what to say to you.
Can't you just figure it out? I stare at you 2.5 seconds longer than I do her. My "smiley" is not pretend, it's doing for me what my real face wishes it could do in front of you. It takes me approximately 3 minutes longer to send you a text message because I'm figuring out how to turn my feelings and thoughts into simple words. When I know that I'm gonna see you, my feet can't outrace my beating heart. When I do see you, time can't keep up with my heart.
Once, you said my name. It was so pedestrian and unexpected. I stood up to leave and you called out to let me know that I had left my pen. In that instant, I didn't just get my pen back, I got something more.
I know you'll never know how I really feel. This song is not new to me, I already know how it goes, how it ends. This isn't a tale of two lovers. This is just the story of me and you. Just like the others before you, you'll find out how I feel, but not how I love. I think it gets lost in the noise. It's okay, though. Perfect love stays perfect in a dream because well, it's just a dream. My dream. Unassailable and unattainable. There's no one else in it but you and I. Soon after, I'll file it away, and you'll be just another girl that I fell in love with who didn't catch me. It doesn't mean I stopped loving you. It just means that it wasn't meant to be. Again.
Unlike many love stories out there, mine takes longer to tell. Maybe, there'll be a plot twist before it ends and it's actually you I'll end up with. Maybe you'll realize tomorrow that I'm the one and then I can let you read this. For now, we'll let the night run its course. I'll fall asleep, you will too. You'll dream. And I'll dream. Of y-o-u.

Some Thoughts

This morning in my Theology class with Fr. Dacanay he posed an interesting story. The story is about 2 students. One is on scholarship, the other isn't. One has to pay for his tuition, the other doesn't. The twist? The person with the scholarship pays for the other student's tuition by taking the money his parents give him and giving it to the other dude. This lasts for the whole of their college stay and is only revealed to everyone on graduation day.

Did he have the right to do that? Did the guy with the money have the right to hoodwink his parents' and take their cash and use it, for all intents and purposes, for his own schemes? I mean, sure, he did something unbelievably noble (I rightfully give him all the props in the world for that) but think about it. He lied. They lied. To everyone. I'm sure when everyone found out, everyone was all smiles and Omg's. But think about the parents of both students. One couple unwittingly spent their money for someone else's benefit. Okay sure, we can hope that one day, that dude will be able to pay them back for it (and in my opinion, he should have because it's the right thing to do) but there is that off-chance that their son screwed up and gave their hard-earned cash to some crazy psycho (again, just a what if here). That's a awfully GIGANTIC risk on their son's part. Dude had some balls to lie to them like that. Now what about the other dude's parents? Assuming they had no idea that this was going on, how did they feel when everyone found out that basically, they were financially incapable of providing for their son? How embarrassing was that? Again, the right thing to do in this situation is to find a way to pay them back but shouldn't it be harder to settle a debt in the future with inflation and all?

I don't want to poop on a the feel good story of the day but it's just...there are two sides to every story. It just seems like we're overlooking the fact that in this day and age, someone's got to foot the bill. You can call the guy a good Samaritan but in the end, was it his money to spend? What if his parents really needed every penny and that money was the equivalent of a longer tenure at their crummy job? What if they could've used the money on something else equally important but more dear to them (oh say, like their own son)?

Yes, what that kid dude was truly amazing but he didn't have to pay for it. Sure you can go with the "yeah but he'd have to maintain his grades at a high level so that he himself wouldn't have needed the money and that was hard work in itself" card but at the end of the day, that isn't his cash he's using to fund someone else's future. Though incredibly noble, was it right for him to do that?

In other important news, THERE WILL BE A MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 2. You know what's even better? IT'LL BE COMING TO THE PS2!!!!!!! God, thank you very much.

Anyway, that's all for now. Toodles everyone.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


My brother just shouted (in his best Rohirrim voice): "Forth Eorlingas!" Haha.

Well I found it funny.

Anyway, today is Saturday. Um okay, what happened today...I went to school this morning for my first Marketing 101 class. I think I'ma gonna like Marketing. Seems right up my alley. Teacher's okay, I actually know a few people in class and we get to talk about Nike and Adidas, what's not to like? Got dismissed earlty, went to the caf and had lunch with sila Patrick (I love Tofu Steak, only P40!). Went home and hung out in Ian's crib for a bit. He wanted me to throw his throwing star (not in any way sex-related). He had a real throwing star he wanted me to chuck at this plank of wood. No thanks bro. Dad picked me up, had my third rice-meal in 6 hours (I know, I know), watched a little of the Attack of the Show replay and fell asleep. Woke up at around five, watched some more TV, went on the net to read up on comics, TV shows (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA!!!!) and movies (WATCH THE INCREDIBLE HULK!). Oh, also read more about Epic Failure 2008 a.k.a. Game 4 of the 2008 NBA finals (not jinxing anything here, I ain't tellin', I'm just sayin') and am now typing this post. Later tonight will be MAHJONG! Haha.

What else is there to blog about? Hmmm...I'm listening to Always Be My Baby by David Cook right now for like the 102nd time. You know, I may not have liked all of the songs he sang but I did like all of his performances. He was fresh you know? Not a Blake Lewis fresh where I didn't like any of the other singers and thought "At least Blake keeps me watching because I dunno if he's gonna remix a church song next week to "Candyshop." It was a real, "Oh snap, this guy is pretty good." Only other A.I. contestant who had that same effect on me was Elliott Yamin whom I saw perform live in Glorietta. What the hell is my point? David Cook will soon be playing in Glorietta. Haha. At least I'm sure (at least, I'm hoping I'm sure) he won't be performing in SM like a certain "gangsta" rapper whose name rhymes with "Blow Geiger" and I can't believe I just did that. Matt Geiger, please don't kill me.

(Hey I did it! A non-linear conversation that I didn't forcibly write! Ya hear that Mr. Whedon, I'ma coming to take you out boyee! (Okay, maybe after that sentence, I'm going to have to wait a few years before I make a play for your job. "Boyee?" Really? Really now Jeri?))

If I ever do create a TV show/comic/movie, it's gonna have to be about a boy on his quest for the only thing in the world he'd walk the equivalent of the distance between the Katipunan LRT station and UP for (just an estimate, just know that I mean a pretty frakkin' far walk, not just a jolly stroll), his comicbooks. Dang nabbit, my trek from my last class 'til Filbar's in Greenbelt ONE (Yes, this place still exists) is so hilariously epic and unbelievably sweat-inducing that it DESERVES to be made into a TV show/comic/movie. Really, honestly, seriously, JUST FRICKIN' BELIEVE ME, it is the most tiring thing on earth. Imagine, I have to walk from the heart of Ateneo, to Katipunan, to the LRT station, through gateway, through the Cubao MRT station a.k.a. The Nexus of All That is Wrong and Hot (read: like the fires of hell itself) in the World, be crushed between hundreds of sweaty commuters, continue my journey (read: continue standing on my feet which at this point have been stepped on and probably smell like something really foul-smelling (like say, Great Khali's armpits)) and walk from the Ayala MRT station to Greenbelt 1. Meaning, I have to pass through 5 malls (SM, Glorietta, Landmark, New Greenbelt, Old Greenbelt) to get to Filbar's which is on the very frakkin' edge of Greenbelt one. Trust me, it is VERY TIRING. VERY! Oh, then I have to walk back to the MRT station and get sandwiched again. Believe you me, if I'd do this for my comicbooks, think of what I'd do for my girlfriend...*silence*...Damn it all to hell. Suffice to say, I have a very oxymoronic life. Very plain and boring but arduous and rigorous too. (Read: Justifying my loser-ness). Oy vey.

Okay, that's enough for tonight, thank you very much. Toodles.

(note: I understand that there a lot of tasks out there that are definitely more tiring than heading to your local comicbook store like fighting in a war, carrying crates off of ships and reading this blog but to a simple, tub o'lard like me, this is the most tiring thing ever.)

Friday, June 13, 2008


INCREDIBLE! Yeah, The Incredible Hulk was kick ass. The Leader gets foreshadowed, Tony's in the movie, the fight scenes were awesome and I am in love with Liv Tyler all of a sudden. Good movie.

HORRIFYING! M. Night Shamamawama is a very strange director/producer/writer. Personally, I thought the suicide scenes in The Happening were too much. Man that movie creeped me out.

EXCITED! For (in no particular order): The Thor movie...Iron Man 2...The Captain America movie...The Avengers movie...Hellboy 2...Lost season 5...Secret Invasion's remaining issues...(By the Avengers movie, that has to be epic. It can't be anything less. Earth's mightiest heroes. That's what it has to feel like. It has to feel mighty. I have 3 wishes for the Avengers franchise: 1.) That they don't show too much in the trailer and end it with "Avengers Assemble!" 2.) That if the villain is Ultron, "Ultron, we would have words with thee," is the last line of the trailer and/or is on the poster over Ultron's silhouette 3.) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MARVEL GET IT RIGHT! IT'S "THE AVENGERS!" THE FRICKIN' GREATEST HEROES THE EARTH HAS TO OFFER! MAKE THE MOVIE AMAZING!...okay, breathing correctly now.)

HUNGRY! Strangely, I am craving some dessert and/or a burger. Another strange thing, this is not so strange.

HULK SMASH! Only used once in the film. Good job Louis Le-something (sorry dude, I liked the movie, I just can't spell your name).

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Celtics in 5. I called it. I have no proof to show you that I did indeed make the prediction. You're just going to have to believe me. Seriously, I never thought the Lakers could manhandle the C's like everyone thought. Yeah okay, they took down the Spurs (didn't think that could happen either) but c'mon, these Lakers? Are we forgetting that this team has Pau Gasol, Sasha Vujacic, Lamar Odom and Vlad Radmanowano on it? These players played great this season but they don't really come to mind when I hear "NBA Champion." Besides, Paul Pierce, arguably the 3rd greatest Celtic of all-time is NOT going to allow Boston to lose. He's been through too much crap during his career as a Celtic (being stabbed, Mark Blount and Ricky Davis) to let this shot at eternal glory slip out of his hands. Boston, congratulations. And I apologize to Ray Allen. Sorry Jesus.

SCANDALOUS! What's up Pat? Hahaha. Next Flag Ceremony ha. Haha

ANTICIPATION! I'ma play mahjong soon! Hahahaha.

Okay everybody, that's all for tonight. Toodles.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Happy Independence Day folks! Haha. In honor of our country's continued freedom I will now come up with a new list. A list of...FREEDOM! Okay not really. What I really mean is I don't have a topic yet. Give me a few minutes and I'll thinka something.

(Away for approximately 13 minutes)

Okay, I have returned...with nothing.

So maybe I won't make a list. How 'bout some random thoughts?

I like Xiaolin Showdown...
Praying that Marvel turns Annihilation into a movie...
It's weird sometimes when I'm walking in Ateneo, alone and sweaty and tired of walking and not having anywhere to go. I look around and see all these people and it's amazing that in Ateneo, I feel so alone. You have to realize, Ateneo is such a small place and if I find myself feeling lonely there, what more in the outside world?...
For all the emo people in the world (there are a lot) why don't you try being a loner for a while. Try it. Go ahead, alienate yourself from the rest of the world. It'll turn you around. I did that once. Made me realize how stupid being emo is. Yeah, I moped and sulked and became a loner because I was so sad and angry at the world but afterwards, I realized how tiring it is to avoid people, to do things by yourself. It's an exercise in futility because you aren't happier away from the world, no matter how much you believe in the opposite. Sure, it's good for thinking and contemplating and reflecting but in the end all you do end up figuring out is that you kinda suck for doing this to yourself. The world is harsh, it's a terrible, frightening place but so what? Fight back you friggin' loser, fight back. Just like coach Eric Taylor said on Friday Night Lights: "Every man at some point in his life is gonna lose a battle. He's gonna fight and he's gonna lose. What makes him a man is if in the midst of that battle he doesn't lose himself." You'll only ever lose if you forget who you are. Shit will happen, you'll get covered in it. Well, frakkin' clean yourself up then and take a shower and put on some clean clothes. Then find whoever it was that threw the shit at you and take the fight to him. Don't wuss out, don't hide and sit in the stink. You don't have to be afraid. You don't always have to be in control. Roll with the punches and feel them and strike back. Battles, they're lost not because we aren't strong enough to win. They're lost when you forget to fight back...

Well whaddaya know. I had an independence day post in me after all.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

There is nothing that excites me.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day One

Today was the first day of the rest of my comtech life. All in all, it was a pretty okay day. Saw my friends. Saw my cousins. Met my teachers. I know NO ONE from both my t-th classes. That's a bummer. I will persevere.

Saw Kung Fu Panda the other night (forgot to blog about it last night). It was aight. Funny in some parts. Really funny in some other parts. I liked all the mp's. The "Today is a gift" one and the "There is no secret ingredient" one. Oops, spoiler alert pala 'yon haha. Oh oh, and it's a blatant f-u to thin people all over the world. Come on, the fat panda wins because the dude (spoiler alert) can't hit him underneath all the fat? Haha. Score one for fat guys (myself proudly included) all over the world. And the movie loses points for having a certain filipino singer in it. I really don't understand that.

Anway, that is all. Toodles!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Almost forgot! The Lost season 4 finale was...just o.k. for me. It wasn't mind blowing. It didn't suck either. It had its moments (Desmond finally reuniting with Penny, Ben's lines) but some of it was just underwhelming. Wow. I find an island disappearing, main characters dying and new mysteries popping up underwhelming. Well this is no ordinary show, this is LOST, the greatest thing on TV. The bar is set pretty high. Can't wait for season five though. Should be very interesting with a new status quo (looking for the island, the new 'others' leader, the fate of the oceanic 6, etc.). It's gonna be a long 8 months.


It's strange. I feel like I'm Batman Begins-ing. Starting over anew. Like the past two years were a phase I had to pass through to get to where I am now. Now, here, this is a good place. I understand things better. I know what I have to do. I'm more at peace with who I am. I'm not happy. I'm not sad. I'm ready. Yeah, I'm ready for things to happen to me. More ready than I was when I wanted things to happen. Everything's set. Like a ship that's about to go out on its maiden voyage. The USS Jeri. Haha.

Things will be different this time. Things will be better. Whatever happens, I'll be prepared.

Friday, June 6, 2008


This will be my first post in about a month.

Why haven't I been posting these past 30 or so days? Take your pick:

I was...
...filming my parts in Voltron: The Movie (I play the pilot of the Black Lion but I don't play Keith, I play someone new entirely).
...lobbying Marvel to make Annihilation into an animated movie. (That would so totally kick ass on many, many levels.)
...training to enter the 2009 NBA Draft (Right.)
...off in Europe, in Romania looking for vampires, werewolves and assorted other demons to slay. (Jeri the Vampire Slayer!)
...in space, desperately trying to fix that darn toilet that might cause more trouble for NASA than a ginormous asteroid ever could.
...stuck on the 'Lost' island and I have recently returned to discover that time passed on the island 4 times faster than it does here in the real world thus, I now look like bigfoot's kid.
...dog-fighting with Cylons in my Colonial Viper (Eff yeah, BSG rocks!)
...in Japan with my 2 brothers rescuing our ninja grandfather from the clutches of his former friend turned annoying D-list villain who is searching for a very ancient japanese treasure in the heart of Tokyo while at the same time winning a karate tournament we somehow found ourselves in (seriously, how the hell did the plot to 3 Ninjas Kick Back make it past "draft" status? And they still made it back in time to play baseball???)
...standing at the edge of the sand, staring into the ocean, being all emo-y and reminiscing about my failed romance with what's her name?...(Nope, this isn't the right answer.)
...auditioning for a part in High School Musical 4...wait, there's no 4? So what the hell was I doing with the other guys in that hot, sweaty locker room, naked and dancing the tango?....Oh.
...making a call to the Rock to ask him if he's ever heard of this Dwayne Johnson character who's slowly turning into a bankable movie star. Dude kinda looks like him too. (Raises eyebrow.)
...wondering why I continue to write on this blog like I'm talking to the readers when there are no readers.
...trying to assassinate Shia LeBouf. (Macaulay Culkin made me do it! So did Joshua Jackson!)
...lonely :(
...I actually referred to someone as "Ms. Daisy" (true story)

And the correct answer is...

none of the above. I was doing nothing. Crap.