"It is critical you pay attention at this time..."

I need to increase my readership haha
- JFav

Friday, October 30, 2009


My new favorite comedy, bar none.

So effin' hilarious!

Take today's episode, "Introductions to Statistics," Danny Pudi dressed up as Batman for Halloween and even had the Christian Bale voice down-pat. You have to see it to believe it. That was some funny stuff!

Joel McHale is always hilarious, the girls (Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie) are cute and funny too, Chevy Chase is kinda awesome and Donald Glover is all sorts of WIN. If the cast is any indication, the show is a hit, I promise. Oh and Ken Jeong is just spectacular. John Oliver is on it too!

Oh and they have the best EBB's (ending billboard) in the business, always worth it.

Go watch Community!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


"Don't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody."

Holden said that? Really? I HAVE to re-read Catcher again. Haha.

Can't Lose

Clear eyes, full hearts. :)

Okay, Friday Night Lights is just awesome.

I Hate Desire

Low point. That's where I'm at. At the bottom of a very deep, deep pit. I feel...nothing? No. Tired. I feel drained. Just emotionally spent. You get high, you're happy and ecstatic...then something comes along and makes you want to tear your eyes out for looking at it. It's fucking terrible is what it is. Emotions man, they're so chaotic and fickle and unpredictable and beautiful and terrifying. Sometimes a guy can't take it anymore right?

Am I really at a low point though? Maybe I'm back at my "origin" of sorts. You know, like on a graph or number line. No, that can't be, because I feel like shit. You know how after you do something really strenuous, you just feel wasted and um, tired (duh, dipshit)? Yeah, see that's the thing, that really strenuous activity could've been fun and all, but you'll still feel the after effects of exerting so much effort and energy and emotion. That's how I feel now. Like, I've gone through the whole emotional spectrum and it's left me...like a Black Lantern. (Heh. Couldn't resist.) Seriously, I hate my life, I love my life.

There are a myriad of reasons why anyone would hate their life and I don't want to get into it too much here because it'll be woefully depressing so yeah, shutting up about that.

The good parts? They're a lot of those too. Heading towards my 21st birthday, I have a lot to be thankful for. I'm blessed, I know that...but I still want more. Call it greed, selfishness, whatever. I want more. It's only natural right? It's what makes us human? Human fucking desire?

You know what, that's a lot of cock and bull. Desire negatively affects the highs and makes the lows lower. Desire is this fucked up thing that tells us what we want but ultimately will never get. Desire is fucking evil. Not one good thing comes from desire or drive or whatever it is people tell themselves is just disappoinment in disguise. Nothing good ever comes from desire. It sounds fucking evil anyway! It makes you want more so you aren't content with what you have and it makes you sad when you didn't get what you wanted. What the fuck right?

The solution therefore is to be content with your life yeah? To appreciate everything, to look at all your blessings, yadda yadda yadda? Good luck with that. Oh shit.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All Is Right In The World

There's something really...beautiful, when there are actual NBA box scores to check. It's like finding something that was once lost. You're whole again.

I am whole again. I am complete. Everything's back to normal. Thus, I've made a list of 15 things that I as an NBA fan will do this season.

1.) Hype up every Pacer win.
2.) Continue to drive the Danny Granger bandwagon.
3.) Steadfastly continue to believe that the Pacers are winning the 'chip this year. (They are.)
4.) Bear witness to the King and spread his word to everyone.
5.) Root for the Oklahoma City Thunder kids namely, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Jeff Green.
6.) Laugh at every Laker loss. (Die Sasha, die.)
7.) Laud the exploits of my favorite point guard in the league, Deron Williams and vote for him as a starter for the West.
8.) Scour the waiver wire for people to add/drop throughout the Fantasy season.
9.) Pray that Williams, Westbrook, Green, Monta Ellis, Wilson Chandler, Spencer Hawes, Troy Murphy, Andre Iguodala, Yi Jian Lian, Courtney Lee, Andrei Kirilenko, Aaron Brooks and Channing Frye don't get hurt too much and produce as much as they can.
10.) Predict that the Cavs will beat the Spurs for the title this year.
11.) Totally and fully support the Khlomar show. (I'm praying for a Kim Kardashian-Luke Walton hook-up)
12.) Keep an eye on Tyreke Evans, Trevor Ariza, Greg Oden, Lou Williams, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Eric Gordon, Ryan Gomes, JJ Redick and Randy Foye.
13.) Totally support the Jerry Sloan for Coach of the Year initiative.
14.) Watch Allen Iverson implode in Memphis.
15.) Rejoice in the return of Gilbert Arenas, basketball stud.

Getting a full does of NBA basketball today was quite possibly the best part of not having school. You're around for everything as it happens. They aren't highlights yet; they're moments. And that's what makes it fun watching the NBA. To quote a line from the movie Hitch: "Life isn't the number of breaths you take. It's the moments that take your breath away." God I love this game.

Monday, October 26, 2009



Man, I love it when I get stops, get steals, get blocks, make good passes and make good decisions.

Shooting and scoring have never been my main priority. However, when I do find myself in a groove and hitting my shots? It's awesome.

I understand now. I understand why people get excited about how many points you've scored and taking as many shots as you can. It won't change my basketball philosophy (defense first) but I understand.

I love this game.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I am trapped. Like, just trapped. Damn it.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Glee Season 1 Episode 8 Mash-Up

My Tweets for this episode:

-Why doesn't the guy who looks like James Jones stick up for Glee too? BASTARD JAMES JONES LOOK ALIKE. MIKE CHANG > JAMES JONES LOOK ALIKE.

-Mathew Morrison just proved that he is undoubtedly god-like.

-"Rachel was a hot jew and the good lord wanted me to get into her pants." :))

-Oh my lord Rachel is hot.

-(I'm taking the lord's name in vain. I'm going to hell, I know this. STOP MAKING JOKES ABOUT IT THEN...Haha.)

-"Are you questioning my bad ass-ness? Have you seen my guns?" WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love Puck :))

-Wow. It took like 19 minutes before our first Sue Sylvester scene. Hmm.




-Finn you bastard. YOU BASTARD. (Go Kurt!)

-Aawww Finn you geeky bastard. Zombie and Terminator references haha

-"If it is one minute late, I will go the animal shelter and get you a kitty cat. I will let you fall in love with that kitty cat and then on some dark, cold night, I will steal away into your home and punch you in the face." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

-What a cute episode :)

Wait sorry. That last Tweet should be:


Seriously, this episode jumps up to my top 15 favorite episodes of any TV show ever, easy. No joke. It was hilarious (Puck's lines, Sue's line, all the slushy stuff), heart-warming (Sue and Shu, friends?? The ending!) and just plain awesome (Mr. Shu's performances of Thong Song and Bust-A-Move). I LOVED IT.

This along with me nailing most of my 3-balls earlier today plus that thing someone said to me about my writing (if you are reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH AND I LOVE YOU) makes today, October 22, 2009 my favorite day of the year. Yowza.

Monday, October 19, 2009

My 7 Ideas For Glee

Glee is awesome.
The Glee Bandwagon? I'm driving it.
Glee stars Mathew Morrison, Lea Michele, Dianna Aragon, Cory Monteith, Kevin McHale, Amber Riley, Chris Colfer, Jane Lynch, among others. If I know more than half the cast, that means I like the show. (See: My Love for Battlestar Galactica, Friday Night Lights, Lost, etc.)
Every week, I have a new favorite song.
Glee is ridiculously good.
Should Glee do these 7 things, I will be a happy man:

1. Show up on American Idol.

C'mon. This is a no-brainer. They sing on Glee, they sing on Idol. They'er on the same network too. They could do guest performances every week. Or well, they wouldn't be guests anymore but point is, Fox has two shows where people sing. Do the math.


2. Be this year's Top 12 on American Idol.

THIS. There are enough singers on the show to form a Top 12. This way, every performance on Idol will rock.

3. Cover High School Musical songs.

Can you even begin to imagine how awesome and hilarious that would be?? DISNEY. FOX. Make it happen! I'd die on the spot if Finn and Rachel did Breaking Free or if Puck did Bet On It.

4. Cover Backstreet Boys songs.


5. Get Jay-Z or Beyonce or Taylor Swift or Lil Wayne or Maroon 5 to show up.

Eve's gonna a do guest spot right? Can we get other really super famous people to show up to? I mean, sure, it'd be tough but the ratings would be incredible! And have them sing! Don't waste'em on cameos! The show is about singing and stuff. You have a famous musician on the show, have them perform! (Josh Groban was on the show and he didn't sing. WTF. Dude was funny though.)

6. Can we get a Rachel-Mr. Shu duet?

Seriously. The two best singers on the show. C'mon!

7. Go on tour. Better yet, go on tour all over the world. Specifically, the Philippines!

Be different! Go on tour! Rule the damn world. Make me a happy man and come here. I will be first in line, promise. If you came here, you'd totally own the country. It'd make sooooo many people happy. Please? I'm not a stalker or anything but I'd so like to meet all of you. Go go go!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Block T

I love my blockmates.

Today was an amazingly fun day of singing and eating and Resident Evil-ing. It was so much fun.
I have to give it up to all of my blockmates for making this day really special.

(Except for the fact that Chamie had a flat tire and Choi got home late. Guys, hope everything worked out for the best.)

But honestly, there were so many highlights for me personally:

-Rode with Camille, just the two of us, for the first time in a long time. Never thought it'd happen again.

-FINALLY PLAYED RESIDENT EVIL 5. I miss Leon though. AND THE CONTROL SCHEME OF RESIDENT EVIL 4. What was the point of switching up the square and x buttons, Capcom? What difference did that make?

-Played Rock Band 2 for the first time too. My first Rock Band experience ever. I hate the guitar. The drums are okay if someone's helping me hahaha. And I love singing. Except for the part where I have to change my pitch. :))

-Rocked out to Mr. Brightside. Sang Don't Stop Believing. Failed at Hands Down. Hahahaha!

-Great lunch. Guys, I really think we shoulda let Kar Lyle pay for everything. Thanks for funding NBA-DMZ night though! (I kid, I kid!)

-And I watched a little of Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries. Supernatural is really part of the same network as those two? Really?

-GLEEEEEE! I am torn between Quinn and Rachel. I love Quinn-Finn AND Singing Finn-Singing Rachel.

-Getting home was more of an adventure than it shoulda been though. Hi Mel! :))

We're about to go our separate ways and be done with College. I'm glad I got to be part of this group.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Just be better. It's...part of life. So be better about it. Okay? Just be stronger.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Don't Screw This Up


Act frakkin' cool for once alright? Be cool J-Fav, play this smart.

This is how we do, right? Okay. Go time.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Get It Together

Getting you shit together isn't as easy as they make it out to be. I've been told you're supposed to be okay with who you are before you start to care about anything else. Also? I've also told other people that when it comes down to it, all you've got is you.

So why don't I give a fuck about me?

And I know, I'm telling myself, "Don't you always choose what benefits you the most?" You think I do, don't you? No. No I most certainly don't. Because I am not better. I don't live up to my potential. I wallow in mediocrity. I know this and I don't fucking care.

It comes down to me being...worthless without a partner. Why? Because that's how the fuck I'm wired. It's just who I am. I contradict my own preachings. Fuck that.


Because two is better than one. HAHA!

The Ateneo Blue Eagles secured their second consecutive championship earlier today against the UE Red Warriors.

In an almost perfect display of domination on both ends of the court, Ateneo took the deciding game 3, 71-58. The Eagles were focused on offense (running the break, nailing jumpers, RABEH's brilliance) and steadfast on D (forcing UE to take jumpers all night long, forcing turnovers to get their own running game going, Ryan Buenfe's SPECTACULAR defense on Paul Lee). Right from the beginning, you knew this was Ateneo's best. Their hardwork and preparation paid off and got them championship no. 5.

Hot damn it feels good to get this one.

One Big Fight! GO ATENEO!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Friendship over I think.

Today, something was confirmed.

You stabbed me in the back. Damn you. I dunno how to feel about you anymore. Honestly, I don't hate you. I think I might even understand why you did it. You can't help it right? Yeah, I get that. But damn it, I am not happy for you. So I don't know what this means for you and me.

I do think this means that I have just been shit on again by life. Yes, I know there was a storm that fucked up the lives of so many people but it's all about perspective and right now, from where I'm standing, I just got it bad.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Guess Who's Back

Well. That was a lengthy break.

Many things happened. One immensely terrible thing happened and put a strain on everything. I pray it doesn't happen again.