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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Add Coins & Cash!

So I've started playing Cityville a lot lately. I wouldn't know where else you can play it and as far as I know, you play it on Facebook. It's a lot like Sim City or so they say since I've never actually played City (I played Sim Town back in the day). You basically create a town from scratch putting up houses, businesses and such, raising your population, earning coins (which are entirely different from cash apparently) and inexplicably worrying too much about harvesting carrots and corn.

I know a lot of people are big fans of these kinds of apps, but this and that one Poker game are the only apps I've ever played.

The point? It is actually, sorta kinda fun. Wanting to increase your XP and complete goals and yes, harvest strawberries and eggplants is relatively challenging and somehow gets my competitive juices going.

So yeah hey, become my neighbor and become part of my staff willya? I can't raise my population fast enough if you don't.