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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


We create our own demons. Our own problems. Our own challenges. Our own obstacles.

Our own.

Imagine how many demons we've created, how many problems the human race as a whole has created for ourselves?

It's sobering. And stupefying.

And somewhat hopeless. What a tragedy.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

4/27 and 4/28, A Diary

Thoughts about my 4/27 which I already micro-blogged yesterday but am now adding to my real blog (With additional insights!) because I have to start on this again and oh I really am an expert at lengthening conversations and rambling and basically using more words than normal.

1.: The NBA playoffs: where "walis" is about to happen to some teams (Bucks, Celtics, Lakers).

1A. "Walis" being the Filipino word for "Broom," as in these teams are about to get swept. Fans always want series to go the distance of all seven games, so it's not so fun when series end in four. I bet those teams at the wrong end of the broom don't have fun either.

2.: We're going to get a Heat-Spurs NBA finals and it's going to be a doozy of series.

2A. Oklahoma City's Russell Westbrook recently suffered a major knee injury and is now out for the rest of the playoffs. This is a bummer because the Thunder were the favorites out West (and arguably in the whole NBA). Sure they still have Kevin Durant, Serge Ibaka and a host of capable players, but losing your starting point guard is a big blow to any team, most especially when that player is probably one of the two best point guards in the world. Now that the Thunder are wounded, the San Antonio Spurs are, IMO, the favorites to win the Western Conference Playoffs. It doesn't matter though since no one is beating the Miami Heat. Still, a Heat-Spurs match-up seems the most likely outcome and will be a very compelling and entertaining series.

3.: EDSA without traffic is the most beautiful thing in the world.

3A. Driving is so much more fun when you don't have to worry about the traffic. Wish it could be this way all the time.

4.: Iron Man 3, still pretty awesome the second time around.

4A. So I've seen Iron Man Three twice already and both times, I was floored by the movie. It's got great performances by the actors, spectacular action sequences and a lot of humor and heart. Right now, it's probably my No. 2 favorite Marvel Studios movie ever, and that's saying something. (The Avengers is No. 1 if you're wondering and Captain America: The First Avenger is no. 3.) Robert Downey JR. is a god basically.

5.: Cheetos: not really illegal inside the Powerplant cinemas.

BONUS ROUND! An insight on my 4/28:

6.:  I deduct a lot of points from Sunday because of it's proximity to Monday, but I've never really had a bad Sunday and it's not its fault it falls so close to Monday on the schedule. Today was a good Sunday. Appreciate.

My 4/20 (Retroactive Diary)

Thoughts about my 4/20 which I already micro-blogged last week but am now adding to my real blog (With additional insights!) because I have to start on this again and oh I really am an expert at lengthening conversations and rambling and basically using more words than normal.

1.: Why can't they show Open Court at a decent hour like 10pm or even 11pm? What's with these midnight and 6am spots?

1A. If you don't know what Open Court is, it's a show on NBA TV that features a bunch of retired NBA players (Reggie Miller, Shaq, Chris Webber, Steve Smith, etc.) as they talk about various topics, most of which are about the NBA and their playing days. It's hilarious, insightful and honest, just some guys reminiscing about their glory years and telling stories. A must-watch for any NBA fan.

2.: I am an expert rambler.

3.: Please God let this be right and true.

3A. Sometimes we do things and after we're like, WTF?! Hopefully, the event I am referring to here is not one of those times. It's hard to stay true to yourself when life throws you curveballs. 

4.: Malls without really cold AC are the worst. Way to drop the ball guys.

5.: Sisig. Forever. And ever. At JERI'S Grill.

6.: CBTL's Turtle Pie is delicious. Racks' chunky chili bowl is OK. My friend Miko (@AllOfTheHeights) ordered a mudshake and it was a work-of-art.

7.: Anonymous: "Mashed potatoes nomnomnomnom."

7A. My friend said this and it was hilariously terrifying when she did. 

8.: Restos get you to leave by shutting down their AC. How shameful. (Sarcasm.)

9.: Hehehehehehehe.

10.: Thank God it's Friday, but thank God also for Saturday.

10A. For most of my working career, I've always had a healthy appreciation for the weekend. These days, I'm like a junkie who can't wait to get his next fix.