"It is critical you pay attention at this time..."

I need to increase my readership haha
- JFav

Monday, December 29, 2008


I choose you.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

For the life of me, I will never understand why I am such a complete idiot.

All I had to do...damn it.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

G.I. Joe The Movie notes (the animated one) OR NEMESIS ENFORCER and friends

1. Best intro, ever.

2. Cobra Commander has an origin story? And it explains why he wears a mask? Groovy.

3. (paraphrasing here) "Destroy everything! Except the Broadcast Energy Transmitter! THIS I COMMAND!" and "Cobra lalalalalalala!"

Serpentor rules.

4. Destro, Zartan, Baroness, Xamot and Tomax and Dr. Mindbender would make a great Evil Illuminati.

5. Big Lob = Awesome. He's black AND he swims

6. Beach Head's kinda a douche. Relax dude. Take off the ski-mask of yours. Who wears a mask to the beach anyway?

7. Duke punking Serpentor proves Duke is the man. (I love Duke)

8. Flint is weird. First he says they need every Joe available but then volunteers to take a team and find Roadblock's squad? Huh? Though he did only take Lifeline and Iceberg so I guess he wasn't really depleting the talent pool there.

9. I wanna be named Nemesis Enforcer. That is the most bad ass name EVER.

10. Chris Latta (the voice behind Cobra Commander AND Starscream) is the man too.

11. Poor Gung Ho, Alpine and Bazooka. :(

12. Wild Bill is part of the tribunal? Really?

13. "An itty bitty ditty bag." HAHA.

14. Cobra-La is one frakked up place. Gives me the willies.

15. Have I already mentioned the awesomeness that is Roadblock? No? My bad. Consequently, a Cobra Commander and Roadblock buddy show would be the most hilarious thing ever.


17. Falcon suggesting that they take no weapons when infiltrating the Terrordrome? Idiotic. Slaughter agreeing? INSANE. Well they did steal some weapons rather easily...but still!

18. Wait I take it back. Serpentor is a pussy. Having the twins hold Falcon while he slaps him? "You cannot resist much longer." Oh yes he can you fruitloop. And stop calling out NEMESIS ENFORCER'S NAME! (All though it would be hard to not want to say such a bad ass name. Guess it just proves my point about Serpentor.)

19. Falcon is not worthy to be this movie's Hot Rod. Judd Nelson > Don Johnson. (You gotta love the 80's!)

80's child: "Mommy, so if a snake suddenly stiffens and turns into a spear and I get it hit somewhere around here (points to the left side of his chest) where my heart is and blood comes out, I won't die?
Mother: "...Yes."

And who made Scarlett into a doctor? Ain't that Doc's job?

21. CREEPY ASS COBRA-LA...is no match for the SARGE!

22. Okay Jinx is cool.

23. Frank Welker is Wild Bill?? AWESOME!

24. AND PETER CULLEN IS NEMESIS ENFORCER?? I'm naming my kids after all of his characters now!


Okay, I know I'm late but here are my Western Conference All-Stars:

F - Tim Duncan
F - Amar'e Stoudemire
C - Yao Ming
G - Kobe Bryant
G - Chris Paul

Fine with the leading vote getters so far. Let's move on to the reserves. (And when did we change the spelling of Amar'e's name? When did they add the apostrophe to it?)

C - Pau Gasol
F - Carmelo Anthony
F - Dirk Nowitzki
G - Chauncey Billups
G - Brandon Roy
G - Tracy McGrady
C - Paul Millsap/G - Deron Williams

By virtue of being the top team in the West, the Lakers get two guys in so Gasol's the plus 1. Melo and Dirk have been steady for their teams so they're in. Billups has been the game-changer for the Nugs this season. Brandon "52" Roy gets in because he's the leader of the young Blazers and because he dropped 52 in that game against the Suns. T-Mac's numbers are down from last year but that could be attributed to Ron getting in on more of the action. And he's turning over the ball less, fouling less and shooting better from 3 and the stripe. The Jazz right now are on the outside looking in. They want to get two guys in? Get back to being an elite team. Deron's still hurt but you know he's going to get his when his ankle heels and Millsap has been straight-up balling. If Carlos Loo...I mean Boozer wants out, let him go! Millsap is getting it done.

Just So You Know

Why does it all seem too familiar?

4A06 Christmas Reunion

To quote a friend of ours, "Ganda mo."

That is all. Haha.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Hey now, you're an all-star...

East All-Stars:

C - Dwight Howard
F - Kevin Garnett
F - LeBron James
G - Dwyane Wade
G - Allen Iverson

Those are the starters based on the early returns so far. That isn't going to change most likely and I'm actually fine with this 5 so I'm going to pick the seven reserves.

C - Chris Bosh
F - Danny Granger
F - Paul Pierce/G - Ray Allen
G - Devin Harris
G - Rajon Rondo
G - Joe Johnson
F - Vince Carter

If KG is Boston's leader on defense, Rondo guides the team on offense (and he isn't a slacking off on D either as he is second in the league in that category at 2.4 a game). His development is why people are starting to rethink their earlier decision to write off the C's bid for a repeat. Devin Harris (24.4 ppg, 6.7 apg, 47% from the field) has turned into the player everyone in Dallas thought he'd be much to their dismay. Danny's upped his scoring average by 5 points so he's definitely in and because I'm writing this. Joe Johnson has been stellar for the Hawks and has got them in contention in the East. Chris Bosh is in because the dude has been a beast despite the fact his team kinda sucks. Pierce and Allen are in at the same spot because you expect one of them to sit it out come February and because I cannot leave Vince Carter off. Praise Devin Harris all you want (and rightly so) but without VC, New Jersey would kinda suck. Vince is definitely an all-star this year (and admit it, y'all gonna miss him if he's not in it)

I'll have my picks for the West All-Stars tomorrow. Toodles.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Let's try this again...

It's amazing how things can change in a few hours. No, my horrible anti-epiphany has not been found to be untrue. It's still there. But watching videos involving Captain Bucky O'Hare, the Street Sharks, the Biker Mice From Mars, Duck Tales, Voltron, Robotech and the Power Rangers can really lift your spirits.

Also, to the person I was chatting with, who should be reading this post soon, thanks. Haha.

I've had another moment of clarity though. This time, it's something good. It's an epiphany I think. Maybe. Haha. Anyway, the point is, this horrible, ghastly, awful truth I've come to realize? I'm thinking about it like it's already happened. Like it's going to happen. Like it's sure to happen.

"If nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do. Now."

I'm going to sleep now. Because I want to rest. And dream. And maybe in one of those dreams, I'll find something that'll give me hope again. Right now, that's all I need. Hope. And I'll find it.
I feel bad.

To put it simply, yeah, that's exactly how I feel.

On-the-verge-of-tears bad. It's this terrible feeling you get once you figure out something awful. Like the opposite of an epiphany. Or, rather, you know how an epiphany is like a sudden moment of clarity? Of realization? Right now, what I'm feeling, it's me realizing something horrible. And I'm telling you, it's not in anyway an overreaction. I am not being emo or whatever. That part of me is over. That part of life spent believing I was something I'm not, that part, I've gone passed that. Now it's something different. That was a lie. This is the truth.

Oh I feel so awful.

Friday, December 19, 2008

To Do

Oh yeah, it's finally Christmas Break! WON-DER-FUL!

What I need to do during the break:

1. Do my CS175 project. - I need to get started on my project soon. I feel like I'm going to fail this class. Oh well.

2. Play more basketball - I can't do this if I don't have a new ball. Thus, I have to get a new ball.

3. Download Friday Night Lights episodes

4. Decide

5. Lose weight (ha!)

6. Get a lot of sleep

I should probably be doing more. I'll figure that out soon. I'm off to Rockwell now. Toodles!

Everything's changed...

"What can I do, to make you mine? Falling so hard, so fast, this time. What did I say, what did you do? How did I fall in love with you?"
Backstreet Boys, How Did I Fall in Love with You

I really like this song. Haha. XD

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Caution: Danger Granger

Okay. This is more like it.

Back-to-back W's.

Let's keep this up fellas. Danny, you are the man!

Dream Girl

"Don't you know how I feel about you?"

For a while there, I thought it was real...I really thought it was real. The words, the quiet realization of my euphoria, the blue dress. I thought it was all real.

It wasn't.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Damn it all to hell...

0-9 sa fantasy

7-16 sa totoong buhay



Sunday, December 14, 2008


I should've known that was gonna happen. Of course it was.
This was never going to go my way. Did I really think otherwise?
Oh she fooled me. Don't they always?
Why would she be any different? They're all the same.

I never learn.

What the hell is wrong with me? I am so depressed it's not even funny. And it was going so great too! Damn it all to hell.

Let's just get this over with.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Makati Carpool Lasertag Day

Yay Tally time:

Ian punching me to start the evening was not fun.
Yay: 0
Nay: 1

The little figurines of Disney characters were definitely cool.
Yay: 1
Nay: 1

Getting denied at Pancake House High Street and then later at Sbarro Market Market.
Yay: 1
Nay: 2

Not getting denied at Pancake House Market Market!
Yay: 2
Nay: 2

Tami "dressing up" for lasertag
Yay: 3
Nay: 2
(GO TAMI haha)

The Best Tacos in town + Caramel Banana Walnut Waffle
Yay: 4
Nay: 2

The things Sevi, Nico, Ian and I talked about before the food got there like trying to come up with teams for Lasertag. Haha.
Yay: 5
Nay: 2

Franz using me as a punching bag
Yay: 5
Nay: 3

Yay: 6
Nay: 3

My ranking after (6/12)
Yay: 6
Nay: 4
(I expected better.)

My accuracy after (24.89 %)
Yay: 7
Nay: 4
(Sevi was the only one higher than me. Good job Sevi haha.)

My overall win-loss record (58-35)
Yay: 8
Nay: 4
(I had 23 more tags than getting-tagged's! GO FALCON(S)! (That was me. Haha.)

Yay: 9
Nay: 5
(A yay because the little boy, Paragon, was on my team and he was AMAZING. A nay because
the little girl, Napalm ata, was on the other team and she kept on chasing me. Boo.)

Hellfire + Celcius + Falcons = BLUE TEAM WINS
Yay: 10
Nay: 5
(Good job boys haha)

Yay: 10
Nay: 6
(Slow service, expensive food)

The time we got Carmel home (late)
Yay: 10
Nay: 7
(Sorry Mel!)

Yay: 11
Nay: 8
(It was funny. And scary. Haha.)

The indian ladies
Yay: 11
Nay: 9

Yay: 13
Nay: 9
(Two Yay points kasi DOUBLE quarter pounder nga eh haha)

My french fries disappearing
Yay: 13
Nay: 10
(Damn you French Fries Thieves!)

The things we talked about before the rankings, the rankings themselves and the horrible things we said due to said rankings
Yay: 14
Nay: 10
(Because they were damn funny haha)

There you have it, another yay day. Thank you Franz, Tami, Lara, Nico, Ian, Carmel, Sevi and Corinna for going! Everyone else, you missed out. Go kasi next time :p


Friday, December 12, 2008

What to do?

I am thinking about what I want to do. What I want. What I think will make me happy. And as I think, I realize how many times I've been faced with similar dilemmas. Each time, I made my choice and each time, it led me down the same path. And every one of those choices, every single one of them...I believed in my decision then. I truly did. I did it, guns a'blazing, all systems go. And it never panned out.

And so now, I am faced with another similar dilemma. Crap.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You are...

...you are...you are...YOU ARE!

Don't wanna hear you!

Monday, December 8, 2008

All I Want For Christmas...

...Nah, I ain't going there. Too many people are wanting too many things, you feel me? There's too much 'I want' and 'I wish' going on.

The reason I love the Christmas season (okay, fine, besides the money and gifts and food) is the fact that sometimes, you get the feeling. That Christmas feeling is just, in a word, not awesome nor legend(-wait for it...)ary but...hope.

That's all Christmas should really be about. Hope. Hope for whatever it is you're hoping for. Extra cash. A new iPod. Salvation. Whatever. It's just hope, you know? That's all it is.

I like walking alone at night in school during this time. The weather's cool and put-your-hands-in-your-pocket-y. The little pinpricks of cold air help you realize that it's the best time of the year. And it seems as if the night's even brighter than the day thanks to all the gorgeous lights hanging around all over Ateneo. It's easy to get lost in sentimental musings and thoughts during this time of the year. You get caught up in all. And why not, right?

I'm not going to wish for anything this year. I'm going to try to not want anything. If I get something good, by all means, excelsior! But I ain't gonna gripe if I don't. The feeling will be enough. And I know hope is technically wanting something but I think it's just acknowledging that there's something missing in our lives and that it's not completely unreachable...just out of reach for the moment. Hope is not wanting but waiting. I'm gonna wait. I'm gonna hope. And smile as I take in the sights and the lights.

Quoting Optimus Prime

"All we need is a little of energon and a lot of luck..."

Truer words never spoken Optimus, indeed.

Now where can I get some energon?


1. Okay, here we go again. Let's not make the same mistakes shall we?

2. 7-13 to start the year. Ooohh boy. What's encouraging is the fact that we can play with anybody. There isn't a team in the NBA Indiana can't hang with but the problem lies in the fact that the style of play that gives us a chance against good teams exposes us to the not-so-good teams too. Danny is being keyed in on more now. When Dun comes back, he should have an easier time scoring. We need Hibbert and Rush to contribute more too. Troy, Rasho and Marquis are playing well. There's still a lot of time for the Pacers to make the playoffs. We can do this.

3. Secret Invaion finally finished! Dark Reign here we come!

And that's it. Haha. Later sports fans...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008




(I love you Murph!)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What the?

Holy guacamole! That was a big goof in 24: Redemption!

There's a part in the movie when Jack and the rest are heading for the treeline as the bad guys are shooting at them from a chopper. When they get inside, they aren't alone as a CAMERA-FREAKIN'-MAN and some other dude are waiting for them.

WTF?! Haha.

I am not crazy

The Indiana Pacers will beat the Los Angeles Lakers tomorrow.

Let's get dangerous.

Monday, December 1, 2008


"There is still hope..."

Onen i-estel edain, u-chebin estel anim