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- JFav

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lotsa Things

1.) I got KOD-ed this past week. That stands for Kiss of Death, and yeah, it was that bad. Oy vey.

2.) Playoff picks: West: Denver over L.A. (Hell yeah I'm picking A.I. over Kobe), S.A. over Phoenix (Tim Duncan = G.O.A.T.) , Houston over Utah (yeah right; sorry T-Mac :( ) and NOH over Dallas (in 7 games though because Dirk will kick ass). East: Detroit over Philly (the former is better than you think, the latter is worse than you think), Cleveland over Washington (Um, LeBron is gonna be guarded by DeShawn Stevenson, yeah, that'll work), Orlando over Toronto (though CB4 will own DH12 just because he's been doing it for a minute). And Atlanta will beat Boston. Okay, no they won't but just in case they do, I called it. East semis: Cavs over Celtics (sorry KG :( ), Pistons over Magic. West Semis: Don't care really. All I know is, It's still gonna be the Spurs. Finals: Rematch of last year's finals with a different outcome. Spurs in 7. Why do I think it's gonna be a rematch? Because after these playoffs, teams are gonna be going "Oh sh*t." when they play the Cavs. LeBron will dominate. Period. He's not winning league MVP but that'll just make him even angrier. Losing in the finals though means that next year, he's averaging 34, 11, 11, 2, 2.

3.) I have a very tough decision to make. It will have drastic and dramatic effects on my life. Let's hope that this time, I make the right decision.

4.) Between Battlestar Galactica and Lost, that's too much awesome I can handle.


6.) Can't wait for The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man.

7.) I love my Nintendo 64. Goldeneye, Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. have aged wonderfully.

That's all for now, see ya round folks.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


"Face it, tiger. You just hit the jackpot."

Nuff Said.



Oh well. There's always next year.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Today was a good day. (GO INDIANA PACERS GO!)

Daaaaaaaaannnnnnyyyyyyy Graaaaaaaangeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr!!!!! I love you!

Even if Indiana does not make the playoffs this year (knock on wood), this team, I will forever LOVE the 2007-2008 Indiana Pacers. A scrappy, feisty, never-say-die and never-say-give-up group of glorified role players and super subs that took it upon themselves to bring it every night. IF ANY BODY ON THE PACERS EVER READS THIS, My name is Jeri Favis, I'm from the Philippines and you guys ROCK!

Yes, today's 85-76 victory over the Sixers was one of the two things that made me happy today. The other was of course beating the odds and getting (another) second chance to stay in M.E. Thank you Jesus.

I now eagerly await Math 151.

Waittaminute! Oh sh*t!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


See that smile? Yeah, that's what it feels like to be really happy. One year later, I can still remember what it felt like to win. No more wishing for next summer, no more next year just...relief. And absolute joy.

Champions. I still can't believe it.

Enough now.