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I need to increase my readership haha
- JFav

Monday, March 31, 2008

The End of an Era

For the first time since Grade 5, I am not looking forward to playing in the intervillage. That's like, a decade. A DECADE. Ten years of the greatest times of my life. I swear to you, apart from the rush I get on November 12 (the day before my birthday) and the euphoria of December 23 (the day before the X-Mas events get underway; the day when the Christmas break seems longest because you're already on vacay yet Christmas is still days away), the months of April and May are my favorite time of the year. I'm in bed, still wide awake even though I should be asleep just dreaming about the possibilities of the intervil. My brain just kicks into overdrive and I can't help but think about my teammates and the games and the park and my jersey...MY JERSEY! Oh how I miss you already. And game day! Oh game day! Everything that makes game day, game day is left to memory. The excitement and thrill of going to the park, putting on my uniform at home instead of doing so at the park, lugging around my jumbo jug, all of it is no more. I think I'm ready to cry. I'm just glad I finally won a championship last year. It felt great, winning it in my last year. First time was the last time! Haha. Amazing. Intervillage is just...wonderful.

Now, I have to move on. It's over. Time to grow up, Jeri. What you loved as a boy is gone. What you need as a man is just over that horizon. Go to it and don't look back. You can do it. And if you cry, well, that's alright. Losing something you love always makes you cry.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Hot Summer

No, the title is not in any way referencing the present climate.

Hot Summer is about a horse. A painting of a horse, to be exact. Let me explain.

There is a portrait of a horse above this computer I am using. This is no ordinary horse that was randomly selected by the artist to be his subject for some random painting one day. This horse is Hot Summer. He was, if memory serves me correctly, THE horse of the Favis stable back in the 70's. He was a magnificent race horse who won my grandfather a lot of races back in the day. As far as my father and his uncles are concerned, Hot Summer is part of the family. His portrait now sits proudly on the wall of the second floor of our house. (The artist is Roberto Balajadia--first and last time I'm ever gonna write his name.)

Hot Summer the horse. The Favis Horse. To me, that's just very cool. I mean, how many people can say that their family's history, their legacy was built around horses? Honored Hot Summer was one of the many horses my raised and bred back in the day. My grandfather was Horse Racing Commissioner of the Philippines for a time in the 70's or 80's I believe. There was even a race in his honor, which we attended. There was a trophy, even. These days? The ranch still proudly stands in Tigbao, Masbate.

Sorry for the very unusual post but the thing this, seeing Hot Summer's portrait everyday made me think about the legacy of my family.Where I came from. It's making me think about where I'm going. Where I'm heading towards. What's my legacy gonna be like? Will I have my own portrait one day hanging over my grandson's computer (or whatever computer-like device he'll own in the future)?


Yeah, that's too for ahead. I'ma go play 2k8 with my brother now. Haha.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Summer Post

What can I do to make this world remember the name (hey, that's it! the name of Mike Shinoda's OTHER rap group!), Jeri Favis. (Oops, nearly misspelled my own name.) Time is running out and there are still about 6 billion people out there who don't know who I am and that I have a horse-painting right in front of me as we speak (now they do).

Yeah I got nuthin'.

So much for that great idea.

Anyway, summer has started! Meaning it's hot, hot and hella hot on most days. The suckiest part? My break lasts 3 weeks! Wonderful right? Ack. The alternative is I fail accounting, get kicked outta M.E. and have a real summer va-cay. Damned if you do and damned if I don't, basically. But that's neither here nor there (really not sure what that really means but it sounds like I could use it now), so I'm just hoping for the best.

Secret Invasion is on! I cannot wait for it to come out. The preview pages are awesome. Leinil's art is solid on this one and the whole feel of the event is very, very scary. Kinda a scary time to be a hero in the MU. Not knowing who to trust, not knowing who to side with, who to fight. With Civil War, the line was drawn, pretty thick and pretty clear. With SI, you don't know where to draw it. Can't wait! Bendis has got a hit with this one, I'm sure of it.

What else? Hmm, been playing basketball since the break started. Instincts are still there, skills, not so much haha. Gotta play some more. Iron Man is on in a month! That movie is gonna be solid I betcha.

Anyway, gotta go! See ya in a bit!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Saturday, March 15, 2008

In response to...

Wait. That last one was pretty lame even for me. Haha. I apologize.

But, yeah, what the hell is going on? It's Saturday night and the best I can do is this?? (I should be studying but that's beside the point.) *sigh*

Only a few things excite me these days. There's comics...Lost is having a helluva season so far...the occasional Pacer win...the start of March Madness (go Blue Devils!)...no fast food because that's my lenten sacrifice...no intervil because I'm done with that (forever defending champs!)...so basically, that's it. Watching and reading about basketball (mostly reading since solar is a b*tch) and reading comics and watching Lost. Whoopee.

Man I need to get a life. I real life. A life that excites me, that amazes me. A life that makes me want to get up in the morning and not go to bed at night. A life that's more than just sleeping, eating and going to the bathroom. A life where I don't spend most of my time doing nothing. I mean, what am I doing really? WHAT AM I DOING? It's weird because I don't feel a sense of...life. The purpose of what I'm doing now is...is what exactly?

I'm sure the internet is full of these blogs with people wondering the exact same thing as me but damn it, you only really feel the anguish and desperation when it hits you. Damn it damn it damn it. Argh.

Saturday Night...

Saturday night and the computer's my friend.
Saturday night and I've read all my comics again.
Saturday night and I've seen everything on TV.
Saturday night and it's just me.

Saturday night and this is the best it's gonna get.

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Prom

What else is there to say?

I fell in love. With every fiber of my being, I loved her. She came first every single time. Hers was the face that sent me to sleep. I made the sacrifices, I endured the hardship. I tried my best to be the best for her. I tried to show her. I tried to be the one for her.

She didn't feel the same way.


To think that this exact same scenario has played out so many times before. You'd think I would've learned my lesson. I don't think we ever learn from our mistakes. Knowing not to make the same mistake twice is not the same is not making it.

So here I am again. Back at square one, while everyone around me seems to be pairing off and I do mean everyone. Blockmates, classmates, friends, my own brother, the list seems to get bigger and bigger and for some reason I always get left off.

It isn't bother me as much as I thought it would. Is that a good sign? Am I becoming more mature? Or am I just falling into a blackhole of despair, of loneliness? Have I finally realized that I am destined to be alone? (Could I get any lamer?)

One of my favorite episodes of Buffy is on right now, "The Prom." Angel and Buffy break up in this episode so that's a downer. The end though, the end is something special. Buffy defeats the freak of the week and goes to prom, dateless. At the end of the night, Buffy's senior class has given away all the awards save one. The last award is reserved for Buffy. She's been named "Class Protector," as her classmates finally recognize Buffy for who she is, the slayer. Which then leads to this following exchange between Buffy and Giles:

Giles: You did good work tonight, Buffy.
Buffy: And I got a little toy surprise. (She holds up her award, a glittering umbrella)
Giles: I didn't know children en masse could be so gracious.
Buffy: Every now and then people surprise you.
Giles: Every now and then...

And then Angel enters the hall and they have once last dance together.

Someone surprise me please.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Oh yeah, I've seem to forgotten to post my Western Conference Playoff Predictions...sorry.

Basically, my top 8 are:

1 San Antonio
2 New Orleans
3 Utah
4 Los Angeles
5 Phoenix
6 Golden State
7 Houston
8 Dallas

Yeah, that's right, a Spurs-Mavs FIRST ROUND series. I think the Spurs take that in 6 and Dallas re-trades Kidd. I think Houston falls to seventh and faces a New Orleans team they know they can beat so this match-up should be a doozy. The Rockets scare the Hornets because no one on their roster can check T-Mac and because the Rockets big men aren't afraid of the Hornets'. New Orleans has got the talent advantage at all the positions except the two so this one should go down to the wire. And even though I want to T-Mac to get out of the first round, I think they lose game 7 (but I hope they don't). It's a rematch of last year's West semis and I think Utah still has the advantage over Golden State. Deron has been great this year and adding Korver has transformed them. The Warriors need Monta and Al to step it up big time to keep up with the Jazz because Jax and B-Diddy can't do it by themselves. Finally, we have LA-Phoenix. I say Lakers in 6. This is the year LA beats Phoenix. No one on the Suns can guard Kobe and it seems that they don't mind Amare scoring all over their big men just as long as they do the same to the Suns. Shaq's got his work cut out for him in this series. And D-Fish will give Steve Nash fits. This was the Laker's best personnel move.

So the second round will be Spurs-Lakers and Hornets-Jazz. An even more exciting second round? Wow. Spurs-Lakers will be a classic as San An tries to stop Kobe's march to the 'chip and I gotta give this one to TD and co. Manu is crazy this year. He's gonna match Kobe from points 1-45. If Kobe drops 50, the Spurs got Parker and TD to make up the deficit and then some. Kurt Thomas and Fabricio Oberto will defend well against Andrew and Pau (which will not be as dominating a tandem as everyone seems to think) and LA's younger supporting cast falls short to the Spurs' veteran bunch. San Antonio in 6. New Orleans has Chris Paul. Utah has Deron Williams. This could be the first of many playoff battles between the two top pg's in the 2005 draft. I think Utah pulls it out in seven games because Carlos Boozer and Memo Okur are better than David West and Tyson Chandler (only slightly though) but if Chris Paul can play like the MVP everyone says he is, I wouldn't be surprised to see NO win it.

Finally, the Spurs will beat both Utah and New Orleans. Why am I talking crazy? Why am I picking the older, slower guys to beat the two of the best young teams in L? Because Tim Duncan is the best power forward in both series. TD is STILL fantastic. Never forget that. And again, that Manu guy is pretty tough too. Spurs in 6.


Watched two different cartoons today. And both rocked.

Two cartoons. One from DC, one from Marvel. Solid work from both ends.

A Spider-Man toon that seems to be as good if not better than Spider-Man: TAS? Check.
(Best part: The dialogue!
Electro: "I need a name. What did you call me?"
Spider-Man: "Uh, Lightning-butt?")

Something to satisfy my mad-on for Justice League stories? Check. (Best part: David Boreanaz as Hal Jordan. "Outstanding.")

Spectacular Spider-Man and Justice League: The New Frontier were both excellent. Hope the rest of Spectacular's season is as great as the first two episodes and that DC has plans to adapt more stories. And kudos to The Batman for a fun ride. It aired its final episode today, thanks for a great run.

What do I want next? Annihilation the movie!

In a few words....

Great weekend. :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I really hate Wednesdays

I really hate Wednesdays. If there's one day out of all the seven that never fails to make me sad from the moment I open my eyes it's gotta be Wednesday. Middle of the week hell. Wednesday suck the life completely out of me. Argh.

I like Lupe Fiasco. His voice has a good tone to it, (I sound like Paula) he's fresh, smooth, vanilla, (I sound like Randy...I think) and he does have that quality in his rapping that makes you realize that maybe the dude's got it in him to put a whole new spin on the rap game. (I don't sound like Simon.) His songs are mellow but upbeat. For bouncing your head along to. Here's to Lupe.

No one is reading this blog. Haha.

Indiana plays Houston tomorrow. The Rockets are minus Yao but have so far won 3 games without him to extend their winning-streak to 15. That ends tomorrow, Rockets Fans, it most certainly ends tomorrow. (In my dreams.)

Seriously though, I'm liking the direction the team's heading in. The Danger Bros., Danger Granger and Danger Dun are studs that we could build around on. Granger posts up, knocks down treys and defends like a pitbull. Dunleavy surgically cuts up the opponent's D and uses picks to perfection, with or without the rock. The other guys are stepping it up too. Kareem's got a nice offensive game. Jeff is still rock solid down low, rebounding and playing tough low-post defense. Troy's a mismatch for other bigs and Travis, Marquis, Ike and Shawne (Don't talk to murderers please!) are good support players. What does the team lack? A big who can consistently score in the block and a point guard who can get into the heart of the D...which we already have. Damn it. *sigh* I haven't really given up on Jamaal and Jermaine. I'm just hoping that somehow, someway, these negative thoughts I have find their way into our two "stars'" heads and bother the hell outta them. Fellas, you are the leaders of this team! Reggie didn't give up on the franchise so why should you? C'mon! We can still make the playoffs and makes some noise. Get it together! (Or at least get it together enough so we can fool teams into giving us better players in exchange for you....fly my thoughts, fly!)

My thoughts on the MVP race? LeBron of course. (Yes, I hate the Lakers but that's not the point). LeBron James clearly is the most valuable player in the league. Why? Because A) The Cavs are 0-6 without LeBron, 0-7 if you count the the game in which LeBron got injured, against the Pistons. B) In the losses they've suffered with him, he produced big numbers, his teammates didn't. C) The Gasol trade gives the Lakers a legit team even if Kobe doesn't play. If it was Cavs-Lakers and the fives were, Z-Ben Wallace-Wally-Sasha-Boobie and Gasol-Bynum-Odom-Luke-DFish, which five would you go with? To me, MVP is the guy whose absence will affect his team the most. LeBron is that guy. Plus, 30-8-7-2-1. You do the math.

My playoff predictions:

1st Round

(1) Boston vs (8) Indiana

Boston holds on to the top spot, My Pacers are good enough to make it but c'mon, even I know there's no hope here. Boston in 5 (and that's being generous...sorry guys...)

(2) Detroit vs (7) Washington

I say, Gil, Caron and Antawn play together again this season but Gil never really gets his hibachi going and the other guys don't adjust to not shooting..err...playing with Arenas again. Detroit destroys them in game 1. Then game 2. Then game 3. Gil predicts that they can still win the series, Rasheed says otherwise, harsh words are said, more words are said (this time, crazy words) and Gil scores 50 in game 4...on 50 shots. Detroit still wins. Detroit in 4.

(3) Cleveland vs (6) Atlanta

Atlanta figures out that they actually have enough talent to move up in the standings. Joe Johnson scores. Josh Smith dunks. Mike Bibby misses (just playin' Mike). They all bow down to the King who probably opens the playoffs with either a 40-point game or a 35-12-10. All hail the King....Cleveland in 6.

(4) Orlando vs (5) Toronto

The only "real" playoff series in the East. Orlando wins the first 2 at home. Then Toronto gets the next 2. Followed by game 5, Orlando takes games 6 and we have ourselves a game 7. Dwight comes up big in his first big playoff game and the Magic advance to the semis. Orlando in 7.


(1) Boston vs (4) Orlando

People say Orlando upsets Boston in 7 but KG ain't havin' any of that. "Wait your turn young fella," Garnett says to D-12 after dropping 30-20-10-5 in the deciding game 6. Dwight though shows everyone though who's got next on that best big man tag, averages 27 and 18 for the series. Boston in 6.

(2) Detroit vs (3) Cleveland

Third straight year these two teams will meet, the first 2 times they split. I say LeBron continues his ascension and it's an ex-Piston who comes up big. No, not Ben Wallace. Joe Smith gives Sheed fits because he can actually match-up with him. Cleveland in 6.

East Finals

(1) Boston vs (3) Cleveland

The Big Three vs The King. Boston-Cleveland 2008 turns out to be LeBron's real coming out party. Mark my words, LeBron will redefine the meaning of big-time performer. Get ready to see at least one 50-point game, three triple-doubles (including one 40-15-10) and countless "Yes-LeBron-James-is-the-best-player-in-the-league" montages (deservedly so) AND enough spectacular plays to fill a top 10. BUT, but, I say the Celtics win in 7. Why? Because Kevin Garnett needs to. He realizes that his place in history as the greatest power forward ever hinges on him reaching the finals. Despite LeBron playing god, the Big Three are too much to overcome and KG finally makes it. Boston in 7.

I'll get to the West tomorrow. Toodles.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Green Lantern Jeri Favis :D

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Monday, March 3, 2008

It ain't over...

Back now. Last week was hellish, glad it's over. Or is it? The thing about hell weeks, if you survive it, it's all roses and sunshine but often, we forget that our crap still has to be checked and graded so it ain't over yet.

Guess what? Kinda failed eco. That's alright, didn't do that bad and save for that little mistake towards the end, woulda been sittin' pretty right about now. Oh well, life goes on.

Just saw the fifth episode of the fourth season of Lost. Great stuff. Say what you want about all the other shows on TV, Lost is THE best. Bar none. Drama and comedy and romance and excitement and thrills and chills, Lost packs it all in creating a crazy mystery and conspiracy-fueled romp that is just amazing. "The Constant" was a great episode. Hella confusing but that ending? Friggin' wonderful. Wonder who my constant is?

I read Ultimate Spider-Man 119 this past Saturday. The Bobby moment was fantastic. The interaction between Liz and Spidey was great too, with her trying to get Pete to reveal his secret identity.

Anyway, I got some more stuff to do so I'll see you all in a bit.


Go Pacers!