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Monday, February 25, 2008

Return of the King

And I am back. Yay.

(dramatic pause)

(still pausing)

(pause over)

Okay. That's outta way. On to more pressing matters.

No Dinobots for Transformers 2! Wonderful news! Seriously!

Yes, I know how popular they are and yes a dinosaur transforming into a robot would be AWESOME but how are they supposed to look? The cartoons, no problem, they looked like robot dinosaurs. I don't think a metallic-looking dinosaur is gonna fly for the movie. Making it look like something out of Jurassic Park would be a little too self-indulgent. We saw life-like dinosaurs already, we wanna see life-like robots now.

Here's how I see the sequels shaping up: If Transformers was BIG, Transformers 2 is BIGGER and 3 is BIGGEST. The sequels have to up the ante. And let's not set the sequel too far down the timeline from the first movie's conclusion. Or else, how would you explain what Optimus Prime and the Autobots have been doing on earth for all that time? These guys were looking for a break, an end to their endless war. They found it. Having them working with the UN or the US army would be contradictory to that and it leads to the inevitable human-villain scheming against them and that would really suck. We don't like human villains. Set it like a week after the end of the first movie. Starscream was seen heading for the stars at the end of the first movie right? That's how you start off the second movie. The return of Starscream with a butt-load of Decepticon reinforcements. You can bring Scourge, The Sweeps (they'd look like Starscream's alien jet form), Shockwave, Soundwave (who should sound like he did in the cartoon just because that would be really cool), Combiners (Constructicons, Combaticons, Predacons), Astrotrain, Six-Shot, Trypticon, basically, EVERY DECEPTICON OUT THERE. Make them a friggin' threat to the few Autobots on the planet. They could destroy a whole city or trash the US Navy, whatever. Point is, Scorponok took down a base. What could lots of the do at the same time? Have Devastator show up too. Make it look like a Power Rangers Megazord battle but without the crappy robot costumes and actual lives at risk. We're going for DEVASTATION here. Autobots show up, put up a brave fight but in the end, get their asses handed to them. And with the 11th hour save, the Autobot cavalry arrives inside Metroplex or Omega Supreme. Aerialbots, Technobots, Protectobots, Hound, Wheeljack, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Blaster even! Most importantly, have Ultra Magnus be their leader and Hot Rod his 2nd in command. Basically, Starscream find Decepticons, brings them to earth, Autobots in space were actually on their tail, follow them to earth, BIG BATTLE WITH BIG ROBOTS! Michael Bay should have a field day with this. Then, at the end, good guys win but not without suffering heavy losses and Ultra Magnus has to be one of the fallen. His death is important because this makes Hot Rod begin his transformation into Rodimus Prime (and oh yes, I know what you're thinking, yes, I'm going there). At the end Optimus Prime makes a speech about rebuilding and persevering and rising from the ashes---cut to the ocean where Megatron lies dormant, his eyes start to glow---"I still function." But that ain't the big reveal at the end. The big reveal is something bigger, in fact, it's the "biggest." Zoom out into space with the earth getting smaller and smaller and then just when the earth is as big as a basketball, have something come out of the bottom of a screen. Something big. Like a giant planet....

Unicron. Hell yeah.

Transformers 3 will feature the Quintessons as aliens/robots) that serve Unicron in a Herald of Galactus like function, Megatron returning, the death of Optimus Prime and the rise of Rodimus Prime. And the matrix. And The Touch. AND UNICRON! (Transformres 3 Unicron will NOT be a cloud *coughcoughFantasticFour2coughcough*)

Boom. Transformers becomes the greatest trilogy ever. Yeah.

And I'm spent. Great topic for my first post in almost a year. Hope to have many more.