"It is critical you pay attention at this time..."

I need to increase my readership haha
- JFav

Monday, May 5, 2008

Baltar speaks!

"God loves you because you are perfect the way you are." - Gaius Baltar, Battlestar Galactica

Baltar's smokin' something fierce. Man this show gets really trippy sometimes but this episode was somethin' else. From Chief's "I will not make an angel out of someone who wasn't," speaking about his life, to Tori's pleasure and pain bit with Baltar and to Sol's fixation with number 6/his wife, we're in for a bumpy ride. Battlestar rocks. The characters are more messed up than I ever could be and that is why I watch this show haha.

* * *

Mindfrak. Masaya ang mindfrak haha.

Show me

We are the intersection of who they see and who we want them to see. You see me. I show you me. In the end, what do you get?

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Alone. That's how I feel.

When I'm strolling around Rockwell.
When I drive home.
When my phone doesn't ring.
When I play ps2.
When I watch Battlestar Galactica.
When I cheer for the Pacers.
When I type on this blog.
When I buy from Nutrilicious.
When I go to Filbar's.
When I have no messages waiting to be read. W
hen I wake up in the morning.
When no one says good night to me anymore.
When I sit in front of the computer as all the people in the house are behind closed doors.
When I read Nova.
When I take a nap right after lunch because there's nothing to do.
When I look forward to Attack of the Show.
When I play QuadraPop on my phone.
When I listen to music on my iPod.
When I talk to my classmates.
When I walk around school.
When I read Cracked, Basketbawful and Talk@Forums.

Even when I don't feel alone, I still am alone.

I AM...

Iron Man. This is the feeling I was supposed to have after Spider-Man 3.

How to describe Iron Man? Bone-chilling. Can't wait. Can't wait for the rest of the Marvel Universe to catch up.