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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mundane Overanalysis: A List of Favorite Lists

I don't know about you, but I love making lists. It's so much fun to organize things like that, number them and rank them pretending to have ownership or claim or influence on these items. It's a fascination with bringing order to chaos and imagining yourself in control of something you really do not have any power over. It's almost like playing God, really.

Or not. Maybe it's just a thing people do. A habit or hobby like gardening or comic collecting or whatever. All I know is, it's pretty fun for me. And I'm pretty sure most people get a kick out of it too.

Some of my favorite topics to make lists for include Avengers line-ups (because one day, when I'm writing Avengers, Richard Rider-Ben Reilly-Scott Summers will all make the cut serving with Luke Cage and Black Panther), what I want to do on my Birthday (one day, I will plan my own surprise party), basketball line-ups (I obsessed with this in high school haha) and the order with which I will watch my shows/read my comics (because there is a way to maximize your enjoyment of these things!).

List-making can be therapeutic, calming and a tiny source of entertainment. I guess this is how I balance how messy and disorganized I am. With all the clutter in real life, making a list of things for fun is maybe a way of "tipping the scales," for people like me.

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