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Saturday, June 6, 2015

And So My Watch Begins

Fans of the show, Game of Thrones, do not misinterpret the title of this post. I am not joining the Night's Watch. First of all, I am neither nobility serving to give honor to my house nor a criminal conscripted into service. Secondly, total sausage-fest if I join, bummer. And lastly, it's a fictional group from a fictional universe. (I definitely got the order right.)

But I am talking about doing something I'd rather not but is still ultimately for the greater good. No frigid cold to endure (if you don't count the air-conditioning) nor do I have to worry about the undead. No swords nor heavy fur coats. Tonight, and tomorrow night, I work the graveyard shift at work.

(Clearly similar to serving on The Wall, right? Hehe.)

It's a whole thing and I don't feel like I need to explain, it's just something I gots to do, ya know? Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't be thrilled to do this, but now, especially after my break-up with my longtime partner (ouch), it's...still not something I'm thrilled to do, but hey at least it keeps my mind off of other less savory things.

Curse me for being an optimist. (Optimisto Patronum? Optimistulus? Optimus Prime?)

(Curse me for also being too corny.)

So here I am doing something unfamiliar but is oddly enough part of the lifeblood of the Filipino workforce, of which I belong. With BPOs and call centers necessitating this kind of work on the regular, I do not worry about experiencing this simply because a lot of people do it already.

I just like making a fuss. And I'm bored so I'd rather be doing something while waiting for my work to begin.

Interesting coping mechanisms I have for doing undesirable things. Talk, talk, talk it up. It's my overthinking self made manifest. I have to purge my brain of all these thoughts lest I go insane keeping it all inside.

So, I've less than 10 minutes before I begin. Here goes nothing. Wish me luck.

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