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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lemon Curd is the Word

I started my day with a 10 AM dentist's appointment. NBD, so my trip to the dentist was over like that. After, I walked to the mall to go get my comic books. Comics are expensive but they are also very good, case in point, Marvel Zombies #1 by Si Spurrier, Kev Walker and friends, which I picked up today and featured my favorite Disney-owned Elsa (Bloodstone, not Frozen (let it go, Frozen fans)) killing un-dead versions of Marvel characters. But I digress. 

Since work would begin at 2 PM, I had time to kill. And because I didn't want to go home I decided to read and eat, two of my most-favoritest verbs. 

But where...? 

And lo, there came an idea.

lemon curd waffles

Lemon curd waffles.


So I went to Yardstick.

Yardstick's Lemon Curd waffle is exquisite. I have no pictures, because when the plate is brought to me, I just gobble gobble gobble. Those waffles are great, man. They are warm and crunchy to the bite, and, when your teeth get into the thing, soft and moist. It tastes likes clouds and stardust warmed by the sun. At Yardstick, they plate them not as one big waffle, but cut into quarters and stacked one on top of the other and that is the ideal way to do it because I can pick one up like a slice of pizza and eat it with my hands. Waffles that you can eat by your hands, friends. Eating with your hands is low-key the best because who wants to use a knife and fork when you can just pick up your food and shove it into your mouth? Less Huffle, more puff, ya feel me?

The actual Lemon Curd part of the waffle is on the side, served like a dipping sauce. You can spread it on the pastry like a regular person, or you can be better and just dip the waffle pieces in, scooping up generous portions of the curd, making sure each bite you take is more curd than waffle, because I cannot get enough of that tangy, sweet, triumphant-achievement-of-human-endeavor-y thing. 

Warm, soft, sweet, tangy, angelic, heroic, perfect. Lemon. Curd. Waffles.

I walked a long way to get my waffles and it was worth it. I was drenched in sweat because Manila weather but nothing was going to stop me from getting my fix. I love Yardstick's Lemon Curd waffle. The one I had today was no exception. If you are a fan, then you are my choir and I, the preacher. If you have yet tasted this magnificent dish, let me know, I will take you there and we can experience it together.

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