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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Smile That All May Smile With You

A smile is proof of truth, beauty and love in the world.

It is an infinity of feeling, manifested in one, small action. Incalculable. Immeasurable. Unquantifiable.

Miraculous. Wondrous. Amazing.

It is burdens lifted, shackles cast aside and walls torn asunder.

It is giving back to the universe for all it has done.

The chance to make another smile is soul-nourishing.

In that moment, we are heaven-sent.

Freely given. Truly meant. Heart uplifting. Life saving.


scrapperjen said...

This is lovely!

rashad pctechclinic said...
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Jeri Favis said...

Thank you, scrapperjen! (I only just saw this now! Haha!)

Nisha Sharma said...

i like your posts very much..
they all are simply awesome..
keep doing this..
all d best.
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