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Saturday, January 11, 2014

10 McDo Breakfast Facts

1. McDo Breakfast is only available for a limited amount of time every day. This is a safety measure to protect customers from buying all their stocks until they run out of money, and to curb a shortage of supplies which creates mass rioting by crazed, hashbrown-seeking customers.

2. McDo Breakfast is a conundrum wrapped in a riddle covered in mystery. What to order? Wrong question because you simply order everything.

3. McDo Breakfast lights our darkest hour

4. McDo Breakfast is worth getting up early for.

5. McDo Breakfast is like getting a hug from a loved one, if a hug could nourish your body, mind and soul.

6. McDo Breakfast is the opposite of the Red Wedding.

7. McDo Breakfast brings joy everywhere - do people who don't like a good Sausage McMuffin even exist?

8. McDo Breakfast truly is the breakfast of champions.

9. McDo Breakfast should be served all day errday.

10. McDo Breakfast, love ko 'to!


Not an actual McDo Breakfast item because, I dunno. (But they should add this option.)
McDo Breakfast makes other food items breakfastier i.e. better.

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