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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Too Many Words Devoted to an Analogy Regarding Flushing

Remember that episode of The Simpsons where our family from Springfield are in Australia and they discover that the toilet flushes counterclockwise there as opposed to clockwise in the U.S.?

Wala lang, just wanted to get you thinking about your toilet and how it flushes. Why? Glad you asked.

Because it's how I see myself worrying. Like, that's how I'd describe how I "worry" to someone who decided to ask that incredibly random question. I worry like a toilet flushing.

My worries = Pee and Poo

Act of flushing = How I Worry

I worry about stuff and in my head it's all swirly and violent and WHOOSH! Just imagine how it feels like when you're anxious and stressed - isn't it a whirlpool of nasty things, crashing around in your head? Then, it stops and everything is calm again up until the next time I flush/worry about stuff. Somehow, this makes sense to me.

(An over-analysis of the analogy would be clunky and would probably filled with too many pronouns and wouldn't be clever just confusing and embarrassing.)

In both cases, you choose. Choose to flush, choose to worry. In both cases, it's chaotic. A violent whirlpool of waste, and a deluge of anxiety and fear. In both cases, there is relief, no matter how brief.

And with that, I've flushed that out of my system. Until next time.

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Nisha Sharma said...

i like your posts very much..
they all are simply awesome..
keep doing this..
all d best.
Sandhi Sudha